Book Blitz – Phoenix – Flames & Ashes #1 By Carolyn Anthony 

Title: Phoenix (Flames & Ashes #1)
Author: Carolyn Anthony
Publication date: January 7th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense




When Jaxxon Reginhardt walks into my gym, my rigidly structured existence begins to crumble. He’s a beast of a man, the personification of power, and more beautiful than any man has a right to be. He’s everything I avoid. Everything I fear. Yet, the second I see him, something deep within me roars to life. He makes me want. He sets my body aflame with just a look, and makes me wish I wasn’t a damaged shell no one will ever love.

I don’t have time for men when my whole world is built around self-preservation. But Jaxxon breaks down all of my strategically constructed boundaries like no one ever has.

How can I give into these new cravings, when there is a half-remembered demon from my past waiting for me to fall asleep, preying on my vulnerability?

If he ever knew the truth, he would run, and it would destroy me …


The last thing I need in my complicated life is a snarky, frustrating, spitfire of a woman like Valentina Durare. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s something haunted about her. My head says stay the hell away, but I can’t seem to get on board with that logic.

Something about me scares her. I can feel it. She’s a beautiful enigma I ache to understand.

The closer we get, the more she responds and draws me in. It can’t be me she fears. There must be something else … Something tied to the scars she refuses to show me.

But I’m stubborn son-of-a-bitch. I want all of her—not half. Because when we touch, nothing less will do but her complete surrender.

I need her to trust me, before her fear destroys us.

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Carolyn Anthony is a sucker for a dark romance with a dominant, tattooed, alpha man at the helm. Her characters deal with real life issues: the painful, the tragic, the damaging sort of life events that leave both external and internal scars, because she’s been there. Her heroines are strong women at the core who will always find what’s been lost, taken or exploited: their strength, their self-worth, their identity, their innocence or their love. She writes about women exploring their sexuality, owning that sexuality and enjoying it. Along for the ride, the flawed, yet redemptive and gorgeous men who prove worthy enough to be on that journey with them.
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False Start – False #3 by Meli Raine


A fantastic conclusion to Lily and Duff’s story.

Lily and Duff are just starting to get themselves together when Romeo strikes again.  Duff wakes up to find Lily gone but with the power of Drew and Silas behind him he will do whatever it takes to get Lily and bring her home safe.

Lily is having a tough time of it in this series.  First she is shot in the head (mistaken identity), then she is nearly bit by a poisonous spider, then there is a shooting whilst she is having coffee, and going on a simple hike should not result in being beaten up and hanging from the edge of a cliff (OK, this may have been Duff but Lily had to pull him back up).  All new pain and torment await her in this final book as Romeo gets her away from an unconscious Duff.

Lily really does bring out the human in Duff.  Before he met her he was single-minded, focused and completely absorbed in the mission he had set himself.  Now, the mission is still there but he has Lily by his side and, through her friendship with Jane, is finding that Silas is more than just a boss.  I like the new Duff.  He is far more emotional and has something to live for .  Before he was just going through the motions and to be honest, knowing his family history, it is not surprising.

The plot just keeps on getting thicker with this series, in fact with all the connecting series before it as well.  The President (Harry Bosworth) is so far mixed up in all the secrets and lies it’s a wonder he can keep anything straight, he certainly isn’t as innocent in all the scheming as he made out.

A quick-paced, action-packed book that will have you staying up to midnight to finish.

The Stateless is an intriguing and ultimately very scary concept, which I believe we will find a whole lot more about in the next series – Stateless (Wyatt’s story) – coming Autumn 2019

This is an ARC review courtesy of Meli Raine.

This series is currently only available on Apple iBooks.

Rating 5/5


This isn’t how my life is supposed to end.
Then again, a case of mistaken identity got me here. No one is ever who we think they are. Especially my kidnapper, a man whose entire life is designed to deceive.
Powerful people want my rescuer to die. I’m just a lure. A pawn. An object.
But objects hold meaning. Emotions attach themselves without logic.
Like love.
I now know that Duff will do everything to protect me.
If he gets here in time. And if I can hold on long enough.
Because my body can only handle so much. Pushed to the limits, it’s finally giving out. Giving way.
Giving up.
I know Duff, though.
He never will.


What I’ve Done – Morgan Dane #4 by Melinda Leigh


Fear-inducing and tear- inducing all in one exciting story.

Morgan Dane is finding it hard to work as a defence council, especially when she has clients like her current one. But when a friend of Sharp’s ask for their help to defend her daughter, Morgan and Lance will do everything they can to prove her innocence.

Morgan is one of my favourite female lead characters.  She is intelligent, caring and loves food! She also loves her family unconditionally.  Her Grandpa and three little girls are the backbone of her existence, with Lance being her shoulder of strength to lean on when times get hard.

Intrigue and suspense are in full flow in this story.  Hayley, who is being accused of murder, having been found covered in the blood of the victim and holding the murder weapon, has no memory of the nights events.  Morgan and Lance set out to investigate the night of the incident but in doing so ruffle some very uneasy feathers. As things heat up, especially for Lance, he and Morgan race to find the answers before it is too late.

Loved the ending, have tissues ready!

Rating 5/5

Listened to via Audible, Narrated by Cris Dukehart



Haley Powell wakes up covered in blood, with no memory of the night before. When she sees a man lying in the backyard, stabbed to death, she has only one terrified thought: What have I done?

Agreeing to take the case as a favor to her PI friend Lincoln Sharp, Morgan must scale a mountain of damning circumstantial and forensic evidence to prove her client innocent. Haley couldn’t appear more guilty: her bloodstained fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and she has no alibi. But Morgan can’t shake the feeling that this shocked young woman has been framed.

Someone out there is hell-bent on sabotaging her defense, targeting Morgan, her partner, and especially Haley. Someone who will stop at nothing—and whose next move will be deadly.



False Hope – False #2 by Meli Raine


Put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs, find a comfortable seat and settle in because this book needs your undivided attention!

As Lily slowly recovers physically from the traumatic experience of being shot in the back of the head, her emotional well-being is under constant attack.  Someone is still trying to kill her and her trust in everyone around her is put to the test. As Lily and Duff become closer, secrets are revealed that could endanger both their lives.

This story is told from Duff’s point of view and gives us more of an insight into his past and the personal mission he is undertaking. Duff is in unknown territory when it comes to Lily. The feelings he has for her are new and he is struggling with how to deal with them especially when he is not sure if they are reciprocated.  But when they are, he knows he will do anything to protect her, and not because it is his job, he will do it in order to protect his own heart.

The ending of this book leaves us once again on a cliff hanger, and that is after Duff and Lily have had their own deadly experiences on the edge of a cliff!

Every time I have read one of Meli Raine’s series the main male character has always struck me as an annoying, pig-headed idiot that wouldn’t know how to have a relationship if it came up and bit him on the butt, but by the middle of the second book they have become one of my new favourite leads.  This has once again happened and I now wait on tender-hooks for the third and final installment in the ‘False’ Series – False Start.

If you are after excitement, intrigue, suspense and a whole heap of sexual tension then this series is what you need.

Rating 5/5

This is an ARC review courtesy of Meli Raine


She thinks she’s fooled me. But I’ve known all along.
Lily is hiding something, a secret so big, she came out of a year-long coma and her first instinct was to lie.
Who does that? Someone who is afraid. No—not afraid.
Terrified. And it’s my job to take that fear away.
My partner and I have spent countless man-hours hunting down the cold-blooded killer who did this to her. Meanwhile, Lily’s spent her waking hours recovering. Getting stronger. Getting smarter.
Staying beautiful.
Never get involved emotionally. That’s my dictate. Never get attached.
When you realize you’re caught in a triangle, it turns out there is no exit.
Crossing a line is easy. Holding a line takes strength.
Lily’s shooter knows that she’s my weakness.
And he’s about to exploit that by breaking a line and escaping, claiming a hostage in the process.
One I have to get back.
No matter what it takes.


Bones Don’t Lie – Morgan Dane #3 by Melinda Leigh


A step into the past leads to a shocking discovery.

When a car is pulled out of a local lake, PI Lance Kruger becomes embroiled in the 23 year old case of his father’s disappearance. As Lance and Sharp investigate the remains found in the car, someone is one step ahead and killing anyone associated with the original investigation.  Getting on the wrong side of Sheriff King requires the constant need for legal representation, fortunately for these PI’s they have a lawyer at hand in the form of Morgan Dane.

This is a very emotional story for Lance and it takes him time to let Morgan help him.  I loved the talk Morgan had with him about letting her in and the dedication and unconditional support that love entails.  They make a great partnership and know when to keep things professional and when one really needs the other.

I really was not expecting the ending that this book had, it came as a total shock.  It was one of those moments where I was listening to the book and thinking “no, it can’t be. Surely not. OMG it is!”

A great third instalment in the Morgan Dane series, filled with murder, suspense and a thrilling ending.

Listened to via Audible. Narrated by Cris Dukehart

Rating 5/5


Private investigator Lance Kruger was just a boy when his father vanished twenty-three years ago. Since then he’s lived under the weight of that disappearance—until his father’s car is finally dredged up from the bottom of Grey Lake. It should be a time for closure, except for the skeleton found in the trunk. A missing person case gone cold has become one of murder, and Lance and attorney Morgan Dane must face the deadly past that’s risen to the surface.

For Lance, the investigation yields troubling questions about a man he thought he knew. But memories can play dirty tricks. For Morgan, uncovering each new lie comes with a disquieting fear that someone is out there watching, because someone is killing every witness tied to this decades-old crime. Morgan and Lance follow in the shadows of a relentless killer and walk right into the cross fire.



Her Last Goodbye – Morgan Dane #2 by Melinda Leigh


Morgan Dane is back in the thrilling second book of the series.

On the hunt for a missing young mother, Morgan Dane enlists the help of PI Lance Kruger.  As they delve deeper into the case, it becomes increasingly clear that Chelsea Clark did not walk away from her family,  but the longer it takes the more Morgan worries that they may not find her in time.

Working close to Lance again brings feelings that she is not sure she wants to face.  Losing her husband two years ago was a traumatic experience, opening up her heart to someone new seems both wrong and dangerous.  When Morgan’s life is put in danger Lance knows that he would do anything for her but is Morgan ready? And is it fair to bring his personal problems into Morgan’s already hectic life?

Elements of this story where quite graphic, particularly the scenes of Chelsea’s capture and imprisonment.  It explores how a violent and domineering mentality is often covered up by friends and family and the denial that some people exhibit even when faced with the truth.

I really enjoyed this book and the growing connection between Morgan and Lance.  Looking forward to seeing what the next book in the series brings.

Listened to via audible. Narrated by Cris Dukehart.

Rating 4/5


Young mother Chelsea Clark leaves the house for a girls’ night out…and vanishes. Her family knows she would never voluntarily leave her two small children. Her desperate husband—also the prime suspect—hires Morgan to find his wife and prove his innocence.

As a single mother, Morgan sympathizes with Chelsea’s family and is determined to find her. She teams up with private investigator Lance Kruger. But the deeper they dig, the deadlier their investigation gets. When Morgan is stalked by a violent predator, everything—and everyone—she holds dear is in grave danger.

Now, Morgan must track down a deranged criminal to protect her own family…but she won’t need to leave home to find him. She’s his next target.


Say You’re Sorry – Morgan Dane #1 by Melinda Leigh


Melinda Leigh is starting this new series in a spectacular way.

Morgan Dane, mother of three, and the potential new DA’s assistant finds herself on the other side as she agrees to defend her neighbours son against a murder charge. Enlisting the help of her friend, PI Lance Kruger, the couple set out to find the truth behind the killing and unearth the real murderer.

Morgan Dane is a likeable character who has had a tough time over the past few years.  She is a widow with three small children and has recently returned to Scarlet Falls to live with her grandfather.  Morgan’s sense of justice has always been to ensure that the bad guy is locked away and not let back out on the street, but when the ‘bad guy’ is  a friend and neighbour she is conflicted by her principals.

Morgan and Lance work great together. They have known each other a long time and the connection that they now have is building beyond friendship.

This was an interesting opening to the Morgan Dane series.  The story is exciting and edgy, and the characters are enjoyable to read. Looking forward to finding out what will happen next to Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger.

Rating 4/5

Listened to via Audible. Narrated by Cris Dukehart


After the devastating loss of her husband in Iraq, Morgan Dane returns to Scarlet Falls, seeking the comfort of her hometown. Now, surrounded by family, she’s finally found peace and a promising career opportunity—until her babysitter is killed and her neighbor asks her to defend his son, Nick, who stands accused of the murder.

Tessa was the ultimate girl next door, and the community is outraged by her death. But Morgan has known Nick for years and can’t believe he’s guilty, despite the damning evidence stacked against him. She asks her friend Lance Kruger, an ex-cop turned private eye, for help. Taking on the town, the police, and a zealous DA, Morgan and Lance plunge into the investigation, determined to find the real killer. But as they uncover secrets that rock the community, they become targets for the madman hiding in plain sight.