Escape to Paradise by Victoria Zak, D.L. Roan, Lana Williams, Xyla Turner, J.D. Monroe, Hildie McQueen, Olivia Gaines, Tigris Eden

Ever wanted to escape to a paradise island where all your dreams and fantasies can come true?  Welcome to Indulgences.

This boxset comprises of a compilation of short stories all based on the Indulgences Resort –

MIDNIGHT’S KISS by Victoria Zak & DL Roan


UNDERTONES by Xyla Turner



FRANKLIN’S HEART by Olivia Gaines

A GAME OF HEARTS by Tigris Eden


Came across this series of books thanks to one of my favourite authors – D. L. Roan. When the boxset was released I had to give it a try and so glad I did.  These books are cleverly written in that they all based at Indulgence Resort on Aragon Island.  There are recurring characters in all the stories – Antonio Aragon, the Islands owner, his work partner and lover, Kenderly, and Mario, the extravagant and outrageous events manager.

Each story is based around a couple, either arriving separately or together, who find themselves living out fantasies they didn’t even realise they had.  Don’t misunderstand, these fantasies don’t tend towards the kink (well not all) but more to do with finding or rekindling love in exciting and erotic ways.

Great series and a brilliant way to introduce new authors to your reading selection. I will definitely be reading some of the books by the other authors now.

Ruby and the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Novel by Ditter Kellen

In the wake of her father’s murder, Ruby Atwood returns to New Orleans to seek answers and care for her little brother.  Finding that her father was heavily in debt to Lincoln Barone leads Ruby to the mansion of a hooded Beast, who demands she pay off her father’s debt by staying with him for one month.

Cursed for the sins of his father, Lincoln despises the whole Atwood family and plans to ruin and humiliate Ruby,  but will her innocence and beauty be enough to bring humanity back to the Beast or will he scare her away forever…as who could ever love A Beast?


I really enjoyed this retelling of the classic tale.

Cursed with voodoo magic, Lincoln was born a beast and destined to stay that way unless he could learn to love and find a innocent to love him in return.  Believing this to be hopeless task he had resigned himself to the fate handed him.  That is until he sees Ruby Atwood.

Ruby will do anything to ensure that her brother is kept safe and in her care, even if that means giving herself to a man for a month.  Not everything in life is as it seems and when she is faced with the reality of her confinement, Ruby finds all the courage she has to get through.

The connection between Ruby and Lincoln is tenuous to begin with and there is a subtle attraction but when they disagree expect explosions.  Finding the one woman who will stand up to his beastly ways increases the attraction on both sides.

A modern day fairy-tale with sexual chemistry that would definitely make Belle blush.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby (Howls Romance #4) by Diana Seere

Three years ago a night of passion left tiger-shifter, Kara Jablonski, with more than just good feelings. It also left her with a son.  Keeping the boy a secret from his famous father, and even more infamous tiger-shifter family, is all Kara can think to do to keep them both safe.

Lars Jensen may have the reputation of a bad-boy rock star, but since that night he has been chasing the tail of the woman who left him. Now, an unexpected meeting will bring out secrets and feelings that neither of them had been prepared to share.

When two tigers meet it is nothing but WILD!


This novella follows on from the Billionaire Shifter series which is one of my favourites. Lars has been introduced to us in previous books in this series although only as a side character.  We find out more about him and his family in this book and the woman who has become his ‘One’.

Kara is a weretiger from a working class background who has no one left except her son. She will do everything in her power to protect him, including keeping him from his father.  When the couple finally meet, sparks fly and the beat is unmistakable but when Lars learns her secret there are more than sparks.

If you have never read any of the Billionaire Shifter series then…What Is Wrong With You! In all seriousness, this story can be read as a standalone but I would still recommend you read the other’s in the series.

A fantastic addition the this brilliant series.

My Immortal Cowboy – Hell’s Cowboys #1 by Victoria Zak

Bull rider RC Reid only wanted to give the girl of his dreams everything she deserved, leaving her to make his fortune on the Rodeo circuit was supposed to bring him fame and fortune but all it takes is one ride and his life, and death, was changed forever.

Charlee Brysen had to make money the only way she could – stripping.  When the love of her life dies, closely followed by the only family member she had left, she vows to keep the home she grew up in.  But with debts increasing and payments to be made she is left with few options.

With Vampires taking over the town of Diablo, Texas, and on the hunt to destroy all half-breeds, Roman McCoy is set to fight back.  With his Immortal Cowboys and the newly recruited RC Reid they patrol the streets to keep both humans and half-breeds safe but when Charlee becomes the focus of the vampires, RC sets out to ensure her safety and win back her heart.


Is there anything better than a good cowboy book…yep! Cowboys and Vampires! End of review…that is all you need to know.

This is the first book in the Immortal Cowboys series and sets the stage for future books, introducing all the pivotal characters, good guys and bad.  Along with RC there are three other cowboys – Kit, Clay and Tibbs, and also the man in charge, Roman.  The master Vampire, Mace Wrathmore , is determined to rid the world of the half-breeds and use the humans as a feeding supplying.  When he takes an interest in Charlee, RC does everything he can to protect her but sometimes it is not always enough and tough decisions have to be made.

Exciting and enjoyable story.  Interesting characters with the potential for further books. There is currently no sign of a follow up book but I am hopeful that the series has not ended before it has begun.  I will however be reading the Guardians of Scotland series by the same author very soon.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Second Chance – Billionaire Shifters Club #3 by Diana Seere

Edward Stanton, Mountain-Lion Shifter and youngest sibling in the Stanton clan, has never forgiven himself for the murder of his fiancée ten years ago.  He has lived a solitary life on the ranch in Montana, never allowing himself to get close to anyone outside the family unit. That is until he meets Molly Sloan at his brother’s wedding.  A chance meeting again at another brother’s art exhibition sets in motion a feeling that he did not think possible – The Beat!

When Edward learns that Molly’s life is in danger he vows to do everything in his power to protect her, but will she let him?  Can Edward forgive himself enough to move on and let Molly into his life?


Another fantastic book in the Billionaire Shifter series. These books definitely have to be read in order as the characters all appear in each book with their individual stories being woven into the current one.  There is also an underlying story that is progressing throughout the series.

Edward is the shy, reserved member of the family, although a lot of this is due to the fact of never forgiving himself for the death of his fiancée.  However, when needs arise he is not so withdrawn and even stands up to Asher – the eldest brother and leader of the family.

Molly is great and when the three girls get together nothing can stop them, especially the men! She doesn’t take anything lying down (well, except Edward) and when her life is in danger she faces is head-on. Although she is not exactly on a par with Derry, Molly does have an appreciation for sex and I loved the part when she lost her ‘O’, it was even funnier when she blaming Edward for it – poor man had no idea what she was talking about.

Funny, sexy, and exciting.  This book has some of everything – romance, action, Shifters, comedy, and lots of sex!  A  must-read series.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Virgin Mate – Billionaire Shifters Club #2 by Diana Seere

Derry Stanton is nothing like his brother, Gavin.  For one thing he is a bear shifter.  He is also a playboy who has slept with most of the women in the city, sometimes several at once. But when he sets his eyes on his future sister-in law his discerning tastes take on a different scent…hers.

Jessica Murphy has no time or desire to change her current status, that of a twenty-one year old virgin.  She has plans for her life, to work her way through med school and become a doctor. To help with her plans she is currently waitressing at the infamous Platinum Club.  Unfortunately Derry is also a member of this prestigious establishment and seems to have his sights set on her.

When they both start hearing each others thoughts can they believe in ‘the One’, like their siblings, or is fate destined to play her part?



Derry is great! A Bear Shifter, man-whore with a big, soft heart for those he loves and a firm right hook (also for those he loves, sometimes).  Jess is a girl of principles and has stuck rigidly to them through all her young adult life, right until the beat gets hold of her and she can no longer resist the one man who she should.   Trying to stay away proves very difficult especially when they are both attending Lilah and Gavin’s wedding.

There are some fantastically funny moments throughout this book, also some heart-wrenching one as well.  Hot, steamy sex and ice-cold Gatorade dunking go hand-in-hand to create a wonderful second book in the series.

Lilah and Gavin make a very welcome return alongside all the other Stanton siblings. Asher is up to his usual tricks, time for him to find his own love (not convinced his wife was his first ‘one’). Edward is as reserved as always and Sophia shows her promiscuous side – like brother, like sister!

Laugh, cry, love and love some more…the Stanton Shifters are a family you will never get bored of.

My Familiar Stranger – Knights of Black Swan #1 by Victoria Danann

Elora Laiken lost everything the day her family was attacked by assassins. Finding herself forced through an experimental portal between dimensions she lands in a world so like her own but yet so different.  Saved by an order of knights known as the Black Swan, she finds that what was believed to be myths and fairy tales on her world are reality here.

Can Elora ever fit into this new world, make friends, find a purpose and realise that love is right there in front of her?



Fantastic story.  Well written, great characters and brilliant story line.  Elora is royalty in her own dimension and suddenly thrown through a portal to find herself in a place with subtle differences, the biggest being that fairy-tale characters do exist.  There is a wonderful love triangle between Storm, Elora and Ram and to be honest I really didn’t know who to hope for (normally I have a character picked and stick with it).  Storm is the archetypal hero, the unofficial leader of the team, and the saviour of Elora.  Ram is the ladies-man, joker and all-round good guy (also, an Elf). I will admit that even to the end I was still upset for one but happy for the other.

The myth behind what a vampire is and what will effect them is explained in a unique way with a short insert from what is known as the ‘Black Swan Field Training Manual’ at the beginning of most chapters.  I am kind of old fashioned in my Vampire lore however any breaks from ‘tradition’ are explained well and as the book is based in an alternate dimension it is easier to accept any differences.

Loved this book, engaged from beginning to end. Loved the characters and looking forward to finding out more about B-Team in other books in the series.