The Immortal Chronicles by Sloane Murphy


This is a four book series that has to be read in consecutive order:

Descent, Crash, Soar, Rapture

Adelaide Tate, or Addie to her friends, has one goal in life – to join the Red Guard.  Since the Outbreak, humans have worked alongside the Fae and the Vampyrs to prevent the Demons from rising again.  From a young age Addie had dreamed of being the first human female to enter the Red Guard but when the time comes will she succeed or does fate and the Fae have a different future planned for her.

Addie is a kick-ass, no nonsense girl who, when the time comes, realises that there is more to her than what she has been lead to believe.    Xander Bane, a Fallen and head of House Bane, has always known there was something special about Addie and vowed to keep her safe.  But just who is he keeping her safe from?  Xander and Addie have a special love that transcends the Earthly realms but it is a forbidden love.

Through the course of the series there will be love, friendship, betrayal and heartache.

I was impressed with the first two books.  There was lots of action and character building, the plot line was intense and it felt that Addie would be able to shine in all her glory during the third and forth books, unfortunately I do not think this happened.  Don’t get me wrong the basis of the story was still strong but the characters just didn’t connect. To me Addie became very high maintenance and I wondered why any of the men (yes, there are multiple love interests) were in love with her, and the love/hate relationship she had with Xander became a bit annoying after a while. There were lots of secrets and mistrust between everyone and nobody seemed to know which side they should be on.  I think my biggest problem with books three and four is that Addie lost the strength of will she possessed in the first two books.  She took control of her demon but it was as though the demon never even existed later on.

Saying all that…the story was very interesting and exciting, and on the whole I did enjoy this series. I will read more by Sloane Murphy in the future.

Rating:  5/5 for books 1 & 2, 4/5 for books 3 & 4



Six hundred years after The Outbreak, the human population stand side by side with the Fae & the Vampyrs to stop the Demon King from starting a second Dark War.

Seventeen year old Adelaide Tate is in her last year of the Academy, with her eyes set on becoming part of the Red Guard.

Who cares that no female has ever joined?

When a dark force develops an unhealthy liking for her, Adelaide needs to fight for her life and figure out what makes her so different from the others.

Betrayal. Fear. Anger. 

She must overcome it all in order to turn her world the right way around again. 
Adelaide has one choice. Accept the help offered to her by Xander Bane, or face the Demon Hoard alone. 

One thing is for sure. The descent will be bloody.




In that one moment everything changed. Everything I thought I knew shattered with just a few words.
Who knew the truth could be so devastating. 
I need to decide which side to take. But can I even trust myself?


She’s gone, but I’ll scorch the earth to find her if that’s what it takes. 
I’ll call upon friend and foe for the battle that is to come. The fires of hell couldn’t keep me from her and whoever 
thinks they can take what is mine, is going to regret it for all time.

One thing is for sure. The Crash could ruin us all.



There is only so much one person can endure before they break. 

There was nothing I ever wanted less than to be Princess at the Royal Court. After devastation rocked my whole world, the return of my mother doesn’t seem like the dream it was supposed to be. 

I know how to be a warrior. I have no idea how to be a princess… 

With her whole world turned upside down, and her heart still broken, who will Addie be at the end of it all? 

Hearts can break, faith can plummet, but souls can Soar.



I never wanted to lie to her, but I knew I couldn’t keep her safe if she knew. 
I hurt her, more than I ever wanted to and I have to live with that each day that I’m away from her. But one day she’ll know, that every day spent away from her was hell. 
Watching her move on. 
Watching her change. 
But it will all be worth it once she’s safe.
Even if she doesn’t know it, she is my Rapture. 


Clutch/Fledge/Flight – I Am Just Junco #1,2 & 3 Range/Magpie Bridge/Return – I Am Not Junco #4, 4.5, & 5 by J.A. Huss


An epic fantasy science fiction that delves into the realms of Angels, Demons, Humans and AI’s.

Junco Coot wants to be an normal girl, leading a normal life, falling in love, having children, pretty much what every girl on Earth will accomplish.  For Junco though, this is all just a dream.  From birth, Junco’s life has consisted of training, shooting and killing, not much time for love and Happy-Ever-Afters.  When she encounters Tier, an Avian from Amelia, her life takes a new turn.  Who can Junco trust? Who is really on her side? And what does the future hold besides death and destruction?

Junco is an adorable character.  I know this sounds strange considering what she is and I’m quite certain that many would not agree after reading the first three books, which is why it is imperative that all six books are read.  She wants to be loved. She wants normal where only chaos has reigned. And most of all she wants Tier. She opens up her heart to be loved and gives her love freely hoping that it will be returned.  Some call her gullible but I just think she was hopeful. Her relationship with Tier is strange, one minute they are trying to kill each other, then they are whispering words of love, but one thing is clear – they are made for each other.

I won’t deny that this entire story was quite confusing.  Do not read these books tired, you really don’t want miss anything because book six brings everything together and all the little pieces of information, the different encounters, the deceit, the lies and the secrets makes sense. A beautifully epic tale set in a futuristic world where the choices of one girl could save the human race from the Apocalypse.

These book are not what I would class as traditional romance.  If you are after lovey-dovey don’t look here.  If you want action, adventure, intrigue and a possible love connection that you are cheering for but not entirely hopeful it will last then you will love these books.

note to reader – some scenes within these books are quite graphic – Be Warned!

Rating – 

4/5      Just Junco

5/5      Not Junco



Clutch / Fledge / Flight

Nineteen year old Rural Republic sniper, Junco Coot, has been lied to. Not once or twice, but pretty much everyone she ever trusted is totally full of sh*t. And now her father is dead, she’s on the run, and everyone wants a piece of her—including one winged alien warrior named Tier.

But the truth always catches up and Junco has to choose who she should trust. The people who have lied and trained her to kill since she was a small child? Or the warriors who want to steal her away and use her as the catalyst in a plot to fight the final battle in an ancient war?

It’s a choice that will change her fate forever. And once it’s made—there’s no turning back. Life becomes nothing but brutal killing in the name of vengeance. But everything requires sacrifice—everything has a price. And Junco is about to find out what it means to dedicate herself to saving someone else.


Range / Magpie Bridge / Return

Two years have passed since Inanna stole Junco away from Lucan. Two years of unimaginable pain. Two years of isolation, mutilation and torture. Two years of fear and loneliness in a morph tank. And that’s not something you just get over, even if you are psycho-sniper, Junco Coot.

Tier is desperately trying to hold everything together as the avian prepare for the return of the High Order, but Lucan is still holding his secrets close and no is sure what will happen if Junco doesn’t fulfil her role.

Tier, Lucan. Annun, Isten, Ashur, and all the players come together to make their final move in a game that spans thousands of years… but the end they so desperately want hinges on the shoulders of one insane girl with a rifle.

And while everyone knows what Junco is capable of now, no one can predict what she will do when she has to make that final choice.


Sorrow: The Heart of a Princess – The Reluctant Princess Book 1 by Melanie Woods


This is the first book by new author , Melanie Woods, and I loved it.

Elena’s life is just as she likes it.  She is engaged to a wonderful caring man, Daniel, she has close friends and no worries.  But then tragedy strikes and her life turns upside down.  She becomes a Princess and therefore a bargaining chip.  She does not know who to trust and those who are supposed to be protecting her seem to be against her as well.  The only person she can trust is Damon, the head of her security protection and the General’s Son, who proves himself over and over again.  Damon has sworn to protect Elena and that is exactly what he plans to do but the the more time they spend together the closer they become.

The story is intriguing and exciting.  There are black cloaked figures trying to assassinate Elena, there are dangers from all around including those inside her own security team, and even her own parents could be against her.

The characters are well written and I loved Damon.  His heart is definitely in the right place and the torment and torture he must endure, especially at the hands of his own father, proves his loyalty to Elena.    Elena is a strong female role who will not take her circumstances lying down, she is a fighter. The twist at the end had me reeling! I don’t know about Elena having trust issues, I was having some myself.  Just when I thought I knew where the story was going it shifted and left me with a “WHAT?!” moment.

I really hope there will be a second book soon as this was left on a cliffhanger and I need to know how it finishes…so many questions!

A great first book.  Look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

Rating 5/5


Elena’s future is no longer in her hands. Caught between the ambitions of powerful men, she is trapped and in mortal danger… 

The King is dead, and there’s a threat against the whole Royal Family. 

The King’s niece, Elena, is ripped from her friends and fiancé for her protection. Can she trust her new protectors, or is she being used as a pawn in someone else’s game? 

Elena’s life has changed forever. Whether she likes it or not, her Father is now the King, she is the Princess. She desperately clings on to her freedom as everyone around her now only sees her as their ticket to power. She finds that she can no longer trust anyone. Even her fiancé could be responsible, as the Prince of another Kingdom… and then there’s Damon… Should she trust her head, or her heart? 

As the son of a high ranking General, Damon was bred to be a soldier; trained from the moment he could crawl. Pushed to the limits of human endurance, his skills are now legendary, his reactions verging on precognition. Damon’s mandate is to protect the new Princess, but he is about to find out if the task is beyond even his abilities.


The Billionaire Shifter’s Final Redemption – Billionaire Shifters Club #6 by Diana Seere


Asher is absolutely ADORABLE! And I know he will hate hearing that but so be it.  This series has seen Asher at his best and his worst, so to have his story finally told was something I have been waiting for since… well, really since I first came across him in Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match.

Dr. Samantha Baird and Asher Stanton have had a love/hate relationship from the very beginning.  The work that Sam does at LupiNex goes against everything Asher believes in but the truth runs deeper than that.  Asher has never forgiven himself for the death of his wife and child. It is a burden he feels he must bare for the rest of his life, unfortunately for him, Fate has different plan.  When the Beat calls it must be answered.

Sam is the perfect match for ‘Asherhole’ (love that nickname she gave him…wonder if she ever used it to his face?!) She is strong yet feminine, tough but sensitive, and family aside, probably the only person who doesn’t take no for an answer, especially if it has come from Asher.

The continued threat to the Stanton Family, and shifters in general, from Asher’s old friend, Tomas Nagy comes to head in this book.  Following on from the previous book, ‘True Alpha’, Asher finds that he is suffering side effects from his fight with Tomas and being the secretive and protective person that he is, decides that he will battle it out alone.  Sam has different ideas. Needing the help of the full clan, the fight against Tomas and his mutant shifters escalates, but who can they trust within the Shifter families?  Who will fight by their side and who will turn their backs?

An emotional end (or is it?) to this series. I have loved each and every story, each and every character, and the underlying plot that has run through the entire series has brought this final one to a close. If this is the last book in this series then I will miss these characters immensely and finding out what happens to them in the future, but the great thing about books is that they can be reread, and that is exactly what I shall do.

Each book is focused around two main characters and can therefore be read as standalone’s, however I would highly recommend that they are read in order to fully appreciate and enjoy the wonder of the Stanton family and their mates.

Rating 5/5

Reading Order:

The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match – Gavin and Lilah

The Billionaire Shifter’s Virgin Mate – Derry and Jess

The Billionaire Shifter’s Second Chance – Edward and Molly

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby – Lars and Kara

The Billionaire Shifter’s True Alpha – Sophia and Zach

The Billionaire Shifter’s Final Redemption – Asher and Sam


Asher Stanton has devoted his entire, long life to protecting the shifter world — but he couldn’t save his own beloved human wife and child. Walling off his emotions and turning his life into a mission to consolidate power, he is ruthless, determined — and most definitely never falling in love with another human again.

Years later, a dark threat looms over the shifter world as Asher’s childhood friend, Tomas Nagy, becomes his worst enemy. With the future of the shifter world in question, he must turn to a human scientist, the fiery, headstrong Dr. Samantha Baird, to help him fight the forces of evil.


Greyriver Shifters by Kristina Weaver


This was a great collection of five standalone stories based around the pack of Greyriver Shifters.  Each story focuses on a fated couple, two people regardless of race, gender, shifter type or human, who are linked to be mated.  As always the males are big, alpha, dominant types who eventually care obsessively for their females, even if they don’t to begin with, but the females have their own way of showing their strength and soon have the males towing the line.

During this series we follow the matings of Bear and Mika, Logan and Hannah, Brigger and Barbie, Banner and Cass, and Blain and Julia. Although these can be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading them in order as most of the characters do appear in each others books,which gives some good background into that character ready for their own story.  There is also an underlying story that runs throughout the series, which would be confusing if you don’t read from the beginning.

I did enjoy these books, however there were times when I really disliked some of the male Shifter characters and their attitudes towards their females.  I’m not sure I would have been so tolerant with a man if he treated me the way these guys treated their prospective mates…fated or not, I’d have been out of there, not constantly trying to please him.

An enjoyable fantasy series with Shifters, Humans, Fated and Mated, threats to the pack, loyalty and betrayal, and not forgetting some hot, animalistic sex!


I don’t want to feel this pull towards Mika Bright and feel the lust that overtakes me when I smell her. She’s the opposite of everything I want in a female and as the next Alpha to my pack I want my mate to be of my kind, strong, capable, on the fringes of my emotions. Mika isn’t like that. She’s sweet and soft and she needs me to give her things I don’t think I can give her. She’s human to my wolf. Light to my dark. She’s not mine and yet I want her unlike any other female in this world. If I mate her I will lose every iota of control in my life and to a guy like me, control is power. 

I will not mate Hannah Seers even if destiny and my animal call to me to do it. She’s spoilt, rude, mean and ugly in ways that have nothing to do with her perfect form and the body that drives me crazy. I shouldn’t look at her and want her and I damn sure should not give in to her demands for a mating but she has something I need and if I have to mate her to get it, I will. That doesn’t mean I will love her even as I take her body and it sure as hell doesn’t mean I want her heart. Or do I? 

The problem with being a liar and a cheat is that before you know it you don’t recognise yourself anymore. I’ve spent my life lying, living in a world where other people don’t really know the real me. I’ve lied to myself, my friends and the one female who I should have claimed years ago. Beebee hates me, for good reason. She doesn’t trust me, for good reason. She wants me, because I make her believe that she should. Now it’s up to me to decide if loving her is worth the risk of losing my freedom and risk losing myself once again when things fall apart. 

I’m a mixed breed shifter who has both bear and wolf within my blood. I am dangerous, big andscare the females in my own pack. I prefer solitude and I keep to myself because I doubt that I will ever be lucky enough to find my Fated, my true female, the one who will complete me. When a car breaks down on the side of the highway that borders my pack and the land I guard the last thing I expect is to see the smallest human female staring back at me. The very last thing I know is that she definitely can never be mine. Even if I know it’s true. 

I’ve killed. I’ve lied. I’ve stolen. I’ve committed every unspeakable crime that you can think of and I haven’t regretted it once until the day Julia Silverton comes for me. She’s my Fated, my one but I don’t want her. I can’t. She’s good and I’m, not. She’s love and I’ve hated for so long I don’t know what that means anymore. She wants me. Needs me and I will save her but I will never give her my heart. I can’t. She’d break me. 



The Billionaire Shifter’s True Alpha – Billionaire Shifters Club #5) by Diana Seere

Sophia Stanton enjoys the finer things in life, especially men and has no plans of giving up her pleasures any time soon.  That is until she her the BEAT.

Zach Hayden should not be the man he is today. Well, essentially he is no longer a man. Following an accident at work, Zach now has the abilities to Shift, but following months of rehabilitation the Stanton family are not convinced of his adaption to their world.

In the care of Sophia, Zach is taken to their ranch in Montana where the two work on the conventions of his shifting and their sexual attraction. Not knowing who to trust, Zach flees and soon becomes the target for a rogue shifter. Can Sophia save Zach before it is too late or is it Zach who needs to save Sophia?


Once again a brilliant continuation to the Stanton family saga.  Sophia is the head-strong, female version of her twin Derry (prior to him meeting Jess) and can hold her own with any man. Zach, however, is not any man.  Considering himself a misfit, a freak of nature, he refuses to believe that the connection between himself and Sophia is what it is. Fate is a fickle thing and even harder for a scientist to come to terms with.

The characters are fantastic and work so well together to give an entertaining, thrilling and sometime amusing tale. It is great to see all the Stanton’s back together.  Lilah and Gavin are having twins, Edward and Molly are happily engaged, Derry and Jess have their own surprises, and Asher is blatantly in love with Sam but refuses to acknowledge it…can’t wait for his story!

Zach is a pivotal character in the ongoing battle between the Stanton’s and Tomas Nagy as they fight for the good of the Shifter world and I look forward to seeing how this plot will progress in the next story.

Wolf Protector / Dangerous Protector / Unwanted Protector – Federal Paranormal Unit #1-3 by Milly Taiden

Wolf Protector

Erica Villa has a special talent which is one reason she works for the Federal Paranormal Unit, a specialised branch of the FBI, but in order to protect the team all abilities are kept secret.  When the team start to investigate a possible serial killer, Erica and her partner Trent Buchanan, find themselves working closer than they have before.

Trent has known that Erica is his mate for a long time but she has always pushed him away.  As her abilities start to take a toll on her well-being, Trent is determined that he and his wolf will not only protect her but will make her his. Can the pair stop the killer before another girl dies or will they die trying?


Dangerous Protector

Ten years ago Cynthia Vega walked out on James Brock after he proposed.  He never knew why.

Arriving at the scene of their latest case, the last person Brock ever expected to see was Cyn and to make things worse she has just become his boss.

Cyn had her reasons for leaving, still does, but seeing James again was harder than she thought. Working close to him is going to be near impossible but for both their sakes she needs to keep her distance. Brock has other ideas.  No way is he going to let his mate go again.

When Cyn’s cousin goes missing, Brock insists on joining her to unofficially investigate the disappearance.  Family secrets are hard to keep.  Can she expect Brock to understand and will he ever forgive her?


Unwanted Protector

Jane Donovan has keeping Tony Ramirez at a very long arms length for ten years and if he ever found out the truth she’s not sure he would ever forgive her.

Tony has had enough.  He knows deep down that Jane is his mate but something keeps telling him she is not.  When Jane disappears while on vacation Tony is determined to track her down and finally make her his.

Being kidnapped was not part of Jane’s original vacation plans, neither was finding the small girl who tugged at her heart strings and made her rethink her entire outlook.  Tony turning up to rescue her was also not in her plans.  When team members and family members start to arrive out of nowhere, Jane must face the truth and allow her relationship with Tony to take it’s natural course but when others intervene all could be lost.


I really enjoyed this series and loved the way the characters worked together and built their personalities over the course of the books.  It is highly recommended to read all three as the final book brings the whole story to a head and gives meaning to why the team has been worked the way it has.  All the couples are great and have very distinctive characteristics.  The mating of each couple is powerful and full of sex…be warned there is lots of sex in these books!

Besides the sex the story lines are very strong.  Starting with the investigation into a serial killer, then a missing family member who everyone believes is crazy, to finish with aliens.  They are well written and engaging and I will be reading more by this author in the future, probably the Paranormal Dating Agency Series