Harte Series Boxed Set (Harte #1-3) by Brooke Harris

Julian Harte’s life is a game and everyone around him must play by his rules. The Irish Billionaire has one goal in mind – to redeem himself of past mistakes.

Evangeline Andrews is running away from her life by moving to Dublin.  Her new boss is well known for working his way through the office girls but none of them seem to mind. Being invited to Mr Doe’s office is a huge compliment. When Evangeline gets a personal invitation to the company masquerade ball she fears the games that are being played around her.

With Julian in her life and knowing more about her than she realises the games have just begun.  Can Eva follow the rules of the game or will she lose everything including her heart to Harte?



I really could not relate to either of the main characters.  Mr Doe/Julian is an arrogant, egotistical, sexually driven billionaire who doesn’t care about anyone and has sex with virtually all the women who work for him.  He has no remorse about it either. Even when he knows he loves Eva he still can’t keep it in his pants!

Eva is such a push over.  All he has to do is look at her and she is on her back.  She has zero self-restraint and subsequently shows zero self-respect.  Julian says jump and she’s in the air. The game references started to become very confusing as well.  What the hell ‘game’ are they playing?  ‘Who can mess up Eva’s life more?’ because that is all I get as I read through.

Julian is trying to atone for past mistakes and pay his dues to those who helped him but could he not have just talked to her about it?  Did he really have to be so twisted up and secretive about it?  He wanted her trust but showed very little reason, in my mind, for her to give it.

If you can get past the fact that she walked in on him having sex with his assistant who she later becomes best friends with (not something I would get over in a hurry) and with his past record of screwing anything that walked around the office, I would be very reluctant to leave him alone at work!

Anyway…not the best story line, confusing and annoying.  Lots of sex. Constant “I love you but we can’t be together” throughout the book.  Not one I will rush to reread in the future.

Blindfold Fantasy by D.L. Roan

Jayne Simon has led a very safe and boring life, complete with safe, boring sex.  When she wins a  prestigious architectural job her best friend decides that a celebratory weekend in Vegas is in order with ALL the benefits, including living out her wildest fantasy…having blindfold sex with a complete stranger.

Blake Travers left L.A. after the death of his fiancée and hired himself out as an Escort.  The timely arrival of his best friend, Devin, means that he can now cover his double booking with Devin’s help.  Devin has no idea what is in store but one night with Jayne and he is obsessed.

Jayne arrives in L.A. a week after her magical fantasy night to find that her Escort, Blake, is her new project manager. The one problem she has is that he doesn’t recognise her from their night in Vegas.
When Devin Kirk, CEO of SI, returns after a trip to Canada he is astounded to find the girl of his dreams in Blake’s office.

Can a relationship be built on a fantasy? And what happens when both your bosses are attracted to you and propose an unconventional arrangement?


Oh WOW! DeElle has done it again with this fantasy turned reality story. Let’s face it, who hasn’t had the blindfold fantasy or the menage fantasy?

The one thing I like about DeElle’s books are that the male characters are up front from the beginning with what they want from their woman.  They do not hide who they are or what they enjoy and it leads to a more open, happy and honest relationship.  As always though, there is someone who wants to destroy their happiness.

Blake and Devin have a very unique relationship and understand each other.  They need a woman who will understand and accept their needs.  They had it once before but in a slightly different way from how they want their relationship with Jayne. I had so much trouble putting this book down that I only got two hours sleep last night (tired now!)

I know I have not currently reviewed them all but I have read all the books by this author now. If you are open-minded about realtionships and how they work differently for different people then I highly recommend these books.  Plus there is guaranteed hot, steamy sex!

Fifty Shades Freed – Fifty Shades #3 by E.L. James

Christian and Ana finally have everything they never knew they wanted…each other. Newly married, they are enjoying their lives together with all its passion, wealth and love, and living in their own bubble of happiness.  But eventually that bubble will burst and all of Ana’s fears could be unleashed.  Will loving Christian prove too much for her?  Can he ever accept her love unconditionally and feel worthy of it or does he have too many demons in his past?



The final episode in the saga of Christian and Ana is a battle of strength that tests their love for each other.  Mistakes are made along the way by both parties that cause hurt and anguish to the other but with love on their side they will prove to each other that they are worth the fight.

It is a close call between this one and second being my favourite but I think that this one just makes it.  Christian’s ‘bedtime story’ about his past sent chills up my spine and quite frankly I wanted to slap the Troll Bitch as well! Ana’s encounter with Jack was what brought this book to a head for me.  Again there is not much time spent in the red room and the sex scenes, although plentiful, are the standard Kinky-Fuckery we expect from these books.

I really do think that, considering other books that are available, this set gets a bad rep. If you like a lot of dirty fun, a bit of romance, and a whole heap of passion then I recommend this series if you have not already read it.  Please read my previous reviews on the first two books as well.

I loved this whole series and will continue to read it every so often when the urge takes me 🙂

Fifty Shades Darker – Fifty Shades #2 by E.L. James

Anastasia Steele has left the enigmatic, Christian Grey.  It has been nearly a week since she walked out on him and not a single moment goes by when she does not feel the pain of his lose but can the physical pain outweigh the emotional pain.

With her best friend and roommate off on holiday, Ana is alone with only her new job keeping her from complete desolation.  That is until she receives an email from Christian. Can she see him again?  Will their relationship be anything more than a weekend of sexual punishment and pleasure?

Christian has also suffered during his week apart from Ana and when they finally meet again he proposes a different relationship but will Christian’s past be something that Ana can deal with?



I loved this book.  Ana is a lot more forgiving than I would be.  Seriously his exes are a pain in the arse and I would not be anywhere near as understanding as what Ana is.  Christian needs to have a spanking of his own for some of the thoughtless things he does, but this is all part of who he is and is explained throughout the book.  He just can’t empathise.  If Ana did some of the things he did he would go mental at her!

There is much more of a story line in this book compared to the first. It is set over the course of two weeks and so much happens in that time. Be prepared for ex-subs, ex-doms, creepy bosses, tears of joy and of sadness, revelations,kinky-fuckery and lots of hot, hot sex!

Fifty Shades of Grey – Fifty Shades #1 by E.L. James

When Anastasia Steele agrees to help out her friend by interviewing entrepreneur, Christian Grey, she  does not expect to fall flat at his feet, literally.

Christian Grey is a very private, young and sexy billionaire who has unique tastes.  When Ana falls into his office and looks up at him his desire for her spikes, but can he lead her where he wants to take her.

Christian offers Ana a relationship she would never have dreamed of – that of submissive. To obey his every command. To be pleasured and punished in accordance to his rules. Can Ana be what Christian needs or will she end up getting hurt in more than one way?



I will be honest from the outset, I may have read this series more than once already (ok, this is my 12th time). It is the Marmite of all series – you either love it, or hate it.

Anastasia is a young girl, about to graduate and start her adult life in Seattle.  She is more innocent than Christian realises but this does work in her favour.  Christian is the 28-year-old billionaire who has specific taste in women and what he wants to do to them.  This first book, which is actually my least favourite in the series, is the basis of them getting to together essentially for a BDSM relationship.  It is mostly about the character background with not much story basis, dealing with the requirements of a relationship of this type.  There is almost a whole chapter on the contract, which to be honest, once you have read it you can skip that part. It was a bit daunting the first time I read it and I had moments of ‘ew, who would do that?’ but when you actually read the book there is not that much in the form of “punishment”.

I don’t know a great deal about this lifestyle but I have read several books similar to this one.  Christian actually goes lightly on Ana compared to some Doms. There is some spanking involved and only once in the ‘Red Room’ does he actually punish her. There is lots of hand restraints used and tying up, and a whole lot of sex but in my opinion it is not as violently abusive as I have heard some people say.

Like I said earlier this is not my favourite of the 3 books but it does set the basis for the other 2 and should be read in order to understand what is going on.  Please, please do not judge this book by its movie.  I did make the mistake of going to watch the film and OMG what a pile of s**t!  All the emotions and feelings are missing that you gain from the book.  There are thought processes that Ana goes through that cannot be conveyed onto the big screen and, in my opinion, both actors are completely wrong for the parts.  That’s the good thing about a book, you can create your own image of the characters with the description from the author but it is still your interpretation, this gets taken away when you watch a film.

Love it or hate it…..I love it!

What She’s Looking For by Trent Evans

Ashley is on the run from her abusive husband who takes his dominating play just a little too far. Having transferred job to a new location, Ashley looks for a place to rent and ends up meeting Parker, owner of the guesthouse.

Parker and his roommate Drake have specific needs, ultimately their need to control their women. Having never shared a women before they find the idea intriguing and see something in Ashley that could fulfill their requirements.

Ashley tries to deny her attraction to both men and the darkness that she sees in their eyes but her own deep, dark secrets are forced to the surface. Can the two men control this one women? Will Ashley learn to accept what she likes and what her men like?

This book contains elements of BDSM, Menage, Exhibitionism, objectification. Over 18’s Only


Disappointing, was my first thought when I had finished this book. Not because of the erotica contents but because it seemed that just as the story was getting started and the relationship was coming together it finished. I really think the build up could have been shorter and more of their actually relationship as a threesome could have been explored. The main character, Ashley, is so indecisive throughout that it does make you wonder why either of these men try to convince her to join them. If you are going to include an antagonist in a story like this then at least give it some backbone or just run with the original plot. And as for the deep dark secrets that Parker has? Mhuh! (my way of saying “not impressed”)