Save Me – Corrupted Hearts #4 by Tiffany Snow

Computer genius China Mack may be the former head of Vigilance, the government’s clandestine spy program, but she can still be knocked off balance. And two back-to-back personal blows have thrown her into a tailspin.

While her relationship with tech billionaire Jackson Cooper is on the rocks, China is testing the boundaries of what she feels for man-of-mystery Clark Slattery. But when China learns that her mother’s death sixteen years ago wasn’t an accident, she can’t rest until she knows the truth. And China’s own father, an elusive ex–CIA agent, might have been the killer. To avenge her mother’s death, she needs help, and both Jackson and Clark step up to the plate. But when her investigation is linked to a decades-old international plot to hack the New York Stock Exchange, putting both of the men she loves in danger, China must make an impossible decision to keep them safe.

As the three of them are plunged into a far-reaching conspiracy, China’s notions of love and trust are turned upside down. For China, this final case couldn’t be more personal—or more dangerous.



Oh WOW! What an ending to this thrilling ride we have been on with China, Jackson and Clark.  Tiffany Snow has done it again and brought to life characters that will stay with me for a very long time.

Action and intrigue dominate this series with revenge and betrayal hot on their heels, and emotions run high throughout this final book in the saga of China Mack.  Jackson and Clark are back to help China in her hunt for vengeance against her mother’s death but the more time they spend together the more China’s feelings are sent into turmoil. What is a girl to do when she has two extremely sexy men vying for her affections?

I was very much Team Clark through the majority of this series, I do think that was in part due to the fact that his character is very similar to my absolute favourite book boyfriend – Kade Dennon, and as such I have a soft spot for him.  As this story progresses it becomes harder to determine who is best for China but I do think that the right choice has been made in the end.

Word of warning….tissues will be required.  I cried! I’m not afraid to admit it.  This book made me cry! Several times in fact.  There are some extreme heartbreaking moments for China but also some very happy ones as well.

Thank you Tiffany Snow for bring some wonderful characters to life and letting us share in the world you have created.  Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

This was an ARC courtesy of Netgalley

The Undercover Billionaire – Tate Brothers #3 by Jackie Ashenden

The Tate Brothers were raised to protect what is theirs…

Navy SEAL Wolf Tate is on a mission of vengeance. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to infiltrate the lair of his arms-dealing enemy—and rescue the mother he never knew. To do this, he’ll need more than his father’s fortunes or his brothers-in-arms. He must find a way to kidnap his enemy’s daughter for leverage. There’s just one problem: She is also one of Wolf’s closest friends—and the only woman he’s ever loved…

For years, Olivia de Santis has been waiting for Wolf to take her in his arms and make her dreams come true. But she never imagined that he’d sneak into her bedroom one night…and take her as his hostage. Olivia knows she should resist him—and stay loyal to her own family. But how can she deny the burning justice of Wolf’s mission, and the blazing desire in his eyes—even if giving into the heat of the moment can put her in grave danger?



If you enjoy a fast paced and exciting read with action, romance, loyalty and betrayal then you should like this story.  Wolf and Olivia are star-crossed lovers who don’t actually  realise that they love each other.  From feuding families Wolf Tate and Olivia de Santis become friends but when Olivia discovers the lies that hide beneath that friendship she has to question her own feelings.  Wolf has to reconsider his feelings as well when the truth becomes known and realisation hits him upside the head like an explosion.

Wolf’s character is portrayed as the original hard man – all muscle and no brains.  He is loyal to a fault and wants desperately to believe the lies that he has been told.  The psychological damage that his father has dealt to him over the years left a deep crater in him, but who knows, maybe the love of a good woman can help fill that hole and show him that he is not as stupid as he thinks (there is still some doubt in my mind about this though!)

Olivia is the archetypal good girl through and through.  Again, she is loyal to fault and also like Wolf, the person who gets her loyalty does not deserve it.  These two really are Romeo and Juliet of the nowadays. I loved when Olivia finally stood up for herself and gave Wolf a piece of her mind, about time too.

This is a an action romance with some sex scenes but nothing to make you blush (too much!)

The third book in the Tate Brothers series.  Although I have not read the previous books I did not feel that this limited the enjoyment of this book and the other brothers do appear with a brief recap of their situations which helps bring the story along.  I will be reading the other books in this series at a later stage.

This is a Netgalley ARC Review

Sin with Me – Original Sin #1 by J.A. Huss, Johnathan McClain

Two broken people in a city fueled by sin.

Maddie isn’t looking to be saved. She knows the only person you can count on is yourself. Her moral compass might not point true North these days—but at least she’s still standing.

The Military taught Tyler about loyalty. Being there for your brothers is the only thing that matters—but when it mattered most, he wasn’t.

She’s got a ticket straight to Hell. He’s already been there and back. 

She needs to win. He just needs to stop fighting.

Some sins scar your soul so deeply, you’ll never be the same.
But this Devil in disguise might just be the angel he needs to forgive himself.



Oh Wow! A fantastic beginning to this new series.  Julie Huss has for a long time now been one of my favourite authors and I can honestly say she has done good with pairing up with Johnathan McClain.

The way that Tyler is written had me in hysterics despite the somewhat desperate need behind his actions. The constant talking to himself inside his head is genius because, lets face it, most of us go off on internal monologues and completely lose track of where we are and what we are doing.  Reading about what was going on inside Tyler’s mind is also a little scary!

Maddie had to grow on me. It took me a while to understand why she was putting herself through what she was when realistically there was no need.  But as the story progressed her reasons became clear and I was really starting to feel her despair and outrage with life and the injustice of it all.  The loneliness and hopelessness.

I loved the duel POV.  All too often romance novels are only written from the female perspective.  Men have feelings and emotions too and I love when a writer captures the thoughts and reasons  behind the actions of the lead male character.

For anyone who has read Julie’s previous work there is a little homage to a certain character we all know and love,.   To anyone who hasn’t….what’s the matter with you?!

Angels Fall will continue the story of Maddie and Tyler in the Original Sin series.

Worth Any Cost – Gaming the System #6 by Brenna Aubrey

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the decade.

Adam Drake and Emilia Kimberly Strong have chosen a date to solidify their love in the bonds of matrimony. 

Join them on their exotic destination wedding. Visit with their friends and loved ones. But hold the champagne toast. Fate has a few last tests for our couple on their way to the altar.

Natural 20 or natural disaster?



YAY! The time has finally arrived for Mia and Adam to get hitched.  It has been a long and painful road for them to get to this point and you can guarantee that their problems are not over yet.

Adam tries his best to control everything, much to Mia’s dismay, and when things take a turn for the worst Adam has to reassess his abilities and allow others to help out.

I love Mia and Adam.  They are a great couple and so well suited. Besides the occasional niggle of self-doubt, Mia does not let Adam’s status effect how she treats him…not only does she get mad, she gets even!  Often with hilarious consequences (one word…Speedos!)

Once again, all our favourite family and friends are here to see Mia and Adam take this next step in their lives.  Jordan is brilliant.  His arrogance is in abundance and despite their falling out, he and Adam will always be BFF’s (how much would they hate being called that?!) I almost cried laughing at Jordan’s garter reaction…sheer horror!

This series is not over yet.  Still plenty of characters that need to tell us their stories.  Next up is Katya and boy! is she in trouble.

For the One – Gaming the System #5 by Brenna Aubrey

He’s got everything but game….

William Drake is an artistic genius with a photographic memory and the intensity to master practically any task. Oh, and he owns a chunk of a billion-dollar gaming company. A twenty-six year-old guy with his wealth, talent, and good looks shouldn’t have problems winning over women. Except he does. To be exact—and detail-obsessed William is always exact—he’s got problems with Jenna Kovac, the troubled beauty who has his heart working overtime and his tongue tied in knots. 

And she can’t afford to lose.

Jenna Kovac is a survivor. When war ripped her world apart, she lost her family, her homeland, and her one true love. She’s made a new life for herself in the US, but she’s learned that nothing is permanent, and some nights it’s not even safe to dream. When a scumbag sells her future out from under her, suddenly the only man who can get it back is William Drake, geeky—but scorching-hot—social disaster. William must learn to stay cool under pressure for the all-important duel he’s about to fight. Unless she can teach him to loosen up, she’ll lose everything. Again.

But Jenna’s got a few things to learn from this irresistibly enigmatic man. As they spend time together, they’re soon exchanging long, slow kisses—and painful secrets. There’s so much more to William. 

Something that might be worth taking one more risk…



I absolutely adore William.  And Jenna seems to be his perfect match because they are so opposite.  William has autism (which is something I have some experience in) and I think he is very well portrayed within this book.  Yes, he has issues but these should not and do not hold him back.  He knows what he wants and he will fight, literally, to get it.  What he wants is Jenna.  Jenna is very much a free-spirit and although she is attracted to William she has issues with her own past.

I love the Medieval re-enactments.  The whole concept is brilliant and I can just imagine William in his armour, with sword and shield in hand.  Reading about William – I will use his full name as only family can call him Liam and only Jenna can call him Will – as he struggles to understand his own feelings and overcome obstacles just made me want to wrap my arms around him and give him a big hug, but I know he wouldn’t like that.  It was a very emotional roller-coaster ride for the characters and the reader (me).

So glad that William got his own story and what a lovely story it is.

I think this bunch of characters will stay with me for a very long time.

For the Win – Gaming the System #4 by Brenna Aubrey

Millionaire bad boy Jordan Fawkes has problems. Big problems.
That molten-hot intern he hooked up with at Comic-Con is now his assistant. No one can know they’re the stars of the cosplay sex tape that broke the Internet.

Business school hopeful April Weiss has drama. Big drama.
Working under the CFO of Draco Multimedia should be the opportunity of a lifetime for her, but Jordan Fawkes is the boss from Hell—a sexier-than-sin boss from Hell who holds all the cards for her future career.

And then there’s the small problem of a certain video…



Oh Jordan!  You are one naughty boy!

Playboy and ‘least likely to settle down’, Jordan Fawkes has met his match with his new assistant intern, April Weiss.  Keeping a rather big secret from her, Jordan has to work side by side with a distraught April to keep her identity a secret when a sex video goes viral.  It is most definitely a love/hate relationship with heap loads of sexual tension.

Jordan is his usual arrogant, egotistical self, but would we have him any other way?! But lying to Adam…that’s new.  April is not who we have been lead to believe she is in the previous books.  Her association with the mean girl, Cari, becomes clear and I was almost feeling sorry for her.  She did ultimately redeem herself towards the end and at that stage I genuinely felt for her…especially with Jordan’s reaction, boy deserved a slap!

This was a great continuation to the Gaming the System series and all our favourite characters were present – Adam, Mia, Heath, Kat, Alex, Jenna and William.

It is not essential to read this one as part of the series but I would highly recommend it as Adam and Mia’s story continues within it and other characters are further enhanced.

Next up – For the One – William and Jenna’s story


Bleeding Hearts: The Complete Duet – Bleeding Hearts #1-2 by A. Zavarelli

How far would you go to save someone you love? Would you give up your body? Your mind? Your heart?

I did and it cost me everything.

He says he owns me. And it’s true.

I’ve signed over complete control of my body and life for six months to a man I don’t know. Five years he’s been planning this. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But my blackmailer serves it up white hot. He’s addicted to my innocence, and I’m addicted to him.

He likes to hurt me. I love to let him. He brings me to life. He sets me free. He makes my heart feel things it shouldn’t.

But he also scares me. He holds the fate of my brother’s life in his hands. A life behind bars for crimes I know he didn’t commit. My blackmailer can’t give up his revenge on my family, and I can’t be with him if he doesn’t. But I’m nothing more than a butterfly caught in his net. Do I really have a choice?



Brighton is pretty much doomed from birth.  Although she is innocent there is definitely a dark side to her and it takes Ryland to bring that dark side out.

Revenge can be a very dangerous path to take but I can understand Ryland’s need for it.  I think I would probably be after Brayden if  he had done that to me as well.  He is not a nice person!

I liked the connection between Ryland and Brighton even if they did get off to a rough  -pen intended – start , although I felt that with the way the book was written it came to a rather quick end.  I’m not saying it should have been dragged out unnecessarily but for everything they had been through I felt that it needed more from the point of Ryland going missing (easy for me to say, I don’t write books).

An exciting and steamy read, lots of ups and downs in a turbulent ride of emotions for both Brighton and Ryland.