Fateless – Stateless #3 by Meli Raine


Thrilling conclusion to the Stateless series.  So much is revealed with shocking outcomes.  I have been glued to this book since I received it.

Kina and Callum are fighting for their lives but this time they have new team mates in the form of Drew, Lindsay, Silas, Jane, Duff and Lily.

Kina is plagued by fear for the children of Stateless, as the world that they knew starts to crumble.  Finding a way to keep the children safe is Kina’s main priority, keeping Kina safe is Callum’s.   The pair now have to rebuild their lives and retrain their minds if they are going to put an end to the power struggle that is going on around them.  When Kina has to enter the lion’s den in the disguise of her sister, Callum must save her from the unthinkable.  Destruction, deceit  and death follows…but who’s?

The intriguing mind of Meli Raine has delivered another fantastic series that intertwines with her previous books and brings all our favourite characters together. As well as the ones mentioned earlier there are several other familiar names which appear, and as information is shared and stories are retold, the pieces are put together to from the bigger picture.  Every person has their part to play, pawns in the massive game of chess,  pieces that are manoeuvred at the will of others.  Fighting back is their only option.

ARC received courtesy of Meli Raine. Release date – 26/12/19

Rating 5/5


The future isn’t real.

The past isn’t real, either.

Only the present is, solid and full, flying at our faces, our bodies, our hearts and souls at breakneck speed as we work to take it all in.

As we work to protect others.

And, finally – ourselves.

We’ve started to break the bonds of Stateless, a system as rotten as the one it seeks to destroy. But systems are organisms with one brutal goal: to survive, whatever it takes.

Kina has to do the unfathomable to save a different system, one she created out of empathy and love for children we rescued from the only home they know.

She’ll use her mind, her body, her spirit — and her ultimate weapons: love, and —



Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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