False Start – False #3 by Meli Raine


A fantastic conclusion to Lily and Duff’s story.

Lily and Duff are just starting to get themselves together when Romeo strikes again.  Duff wakes up to find Lily gone but with the power of Drew and Silas behind him he will do whatever it takes to get Lily and bring her home safe.

Lily is having a tough time of it in this series.  First she is shot in the head (mistaken identity), then she is nearly bit by a poisonous spider, then there is a shooting whilst she is having coffee, and going on a simple hike should not result in being beaten up and hanging from the edge of a cliff (OK, this may have been Duff but Lily had to pull him back up).  All new pain and torment await her in this final book as Romeo gets her away from an unconscious Duff.

Lily really does bring out the human in Duff.  Before he met her he was single-minded, focused and completely absorbed in the mission he had set himself.  Now, the mission is still there but he has Lily by his side and, through her friendship with Jane, is finding that Silas is more than just a boss.  I like the new Duff.  He is far more emotional and has something to live for .  Before he was just going through the motions and to be honest, knowing his family history, it is not surprising.

The plot just keeps on getting thicker with this series, in fact with all the connecting series before it as well.  The President (Harry Bosworth) is so far mixed up in all the secrets and lies it’s a wonder he can keep anything straight, he certainly isn’t as innocent in all the scheming as he made out.

A quick-paced, action-packed book that will have you staying up to midnight to finish.

The Stateless is an intriguing and ultimately very scary concept, which I believe we will find a whole lot more about in the next series – Stateless (Wyatt’s story) – coming Autumn 2019

This is an ARC review courtesy of Meli Raine.

This series is currently only available on Apple iBooks.

Rating 5/5


This isn’t how my life is supposed to end.
Then again, a case of mistaken identity got me here. No one is ever who we think they are. Especially my kidnapper, a man whose entire life is designed to deceive.
Powerful people want my rescuer to die. I’m just a lure. A pawn. An object.
But objects hold meaning. Emotions attach themselves without logic.
Like love.
I now know that Duff will do everything to protect me.
If he gets here in time. And if I can hold on long enough.
Because my body can only handle so much. Pushed to the limits, it’s finally giving out. Giving way.
Giving up.
I know Duff, though.
He never will.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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