False Hope – False #2 by Meli Raine


Put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs, find a comfortable seat and settle in because this book needs your undivided attention!

As Lily slowly recovers physically from the traumatic experience of being shot in the back of the head, her emotional well-being is under constant attack.  Someone is still trying to kill her and her trust in everyone around her is put to the test. As Lily and Duff become closer, secrets are revealed that could endanger both their lives.

This story is told from Duff’s point of view and gives us more of an insight into his past and the personal mission he is undertaking. Duff is in unknown territory when it comes to Lily. The feelings he has for her are new and he is struggling with how to deal with them especially when he is not sure if they are reciprocated.  But when they are, he knows he will do anything to protect her, and not because it is his job, he will do it in order to protect his own heart.

The ending of this book leaves us once again on a cliff hanger, and that is after Duff and Lily have had their own deadly experiences on the edge of a cliff!

Every time I have read one of Meli Raine’s series the main male character has always struck me as an annoying, pig-headed idiot that wouldn’t know how to have a relationship if it came up and bit him on the butt, but by the middle of the second book they have become one of my new favourite leads.  This has once again happened and I now wait on tender-hooks for the third and final installment in the ‘False’ Series – False Start.

If you are after excitement, intrigue, suspense and a whole heap of sexual tension then this series is what you need.

Rating 5/5

This is an ARC review courtesy of Meli Raine


She thinks she’s fooled me. But I’ve known all along.
Lily is hiding something, a secret so big, she came out of a year-long coma and her first instinct was to lie.
Who does that? Someone who is afraid. No—not afraid.
Terrified. And it’s my job to take that fear away.
My partner and I have spent countless man-hours hunting down the cold-blooded killer who did this to her. Meanwhile, Lily’s spent her waking hours recovering. Getting stronger. Getting smarter.
Staying beautiful.
Never get involved emotionally. That’s my dictate. Never get attached.
When you realize you’re caught in a triangle, it turns out there is no exit.
Crossing a line is easy. Holding a line takes strength.
Lily’s shooter knows that she’s my weakness.
And he’s about to exploit that by breaking a line and escaping, claiming a hostage in the process.
One I have to get back.
No matter what it takes.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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