Matt: The Callahan Brothers – Callahan Brothers #2 by Emily March


Exciting and entertaining.  This is the second book in the Callahan Brothers series and is based around the eldest son, Matt.

Matt finds himself mixed up with delectable Torie Bradshaw believing her to be her twin sister Helen.  Working for the CIA is never easy, throw into the mix guns, traffickers, and a sexy woman with a James Bond fetish, and it is downright impossible.

Torie Bradshaw is the black sheep of her family.  The bad girl, the “evil twin”. But when a stalker makes her a target she heads to the only person who can keep her safe. Unfortunately she is not his favourite person.

The connection between Torie and Matt is explosive, literally, but the longer they spend together the more they realise that attraction and love knows no bounds.  Torie is a carefree, witty woman who shows a tough outer shell but inside all she really wants is to be accepted and loved for who she is.  I loved the continual James Bond references. Having grown up watching the films I could relate to each and every one.  Which girl doesn’t dream of being the bond girl who finally tames him?!  The ending is brilliant.  He couldn’t have done it better!

More secrets about the family Callahan are revealed in this book and they explain a lot of the bitterness held by Mark towards his father.  Branch is real piece of work.  How he could ever think his boys would have any respect for him, especially after the stunt he pulls, is beyond me.

Listened to via Audible. Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Rating 4/5


Strong, independent Torie Bradshaw doesn’t like playing the damsel in distress, but when a stalker’s sadistic threats finally frighten her into running, she knows of only one hero to call on for help: Matt Callahan. The sinfully sexy spy had saved her once before. Surely he’ll play her champion again. If only they hadn’t parted under such…unfortunate circumstances. 

Matt has barely recovered from the last time he tangled with Torie. When she invades his private sanctuary bringing danger, drama, and a designer dog with her, he wants nothing more than to send the beauty packing. He’s busy battling old ghosts and more recent wounds. But Matt can’t deny his protective instincts or the fact that this troublesome woman has gotten under his skin. So when a killer comes to call, Matt faces a startling reality—he’s about to  lose all the things he never thought he wanted.




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