Model Boyfriend by Stuart Reardon, Jane Harvey-Berrick


An emotional roller-coaster ride of love that spans oceans but always comes home.

I absolutely loved Nick and Anna’s story in Undefeated and I’m so glad that Stuart and Jane brought them back to us again in this book.  I was a bit uncertain, apprehensive almost, about reading Model Boyfriend because the end of the the first book left them in such a happy place that I didn’t want to have bad things happen…call me a hopeless romantic if you must, I am! But trust me when I say that I so glad that I did.

Nick has retired from rugby and finds himself a complete loose end.  Having nothing to do just doesn’t sit right with him, but what can he do? When he is asked to pose for a sports calendar for charity he reluctantly agrees and finds that he actually quite enjoys it. But the road to modelling is paved with very uneven bricks and even Nick ‘The Rocket’ Renshaw stumbles along the way.

Anna is amazing. She is supportive, loving and understanding, sometimes a little too much.  Half the time I didn’t know if I wanted to hug them both or bang their heads together!

As well as being a love story it also touches on a couple of hard hitting issues – Drug addiction in athletes and the acceptance of gay sportsman in rugby.  As a romance novel reader and not much of a sports person I have never really given much thought to these issues, but following the problems with Nick and Grégoire I now have an awareness of these issues and how they can effect people.  I loved the way Grég dealt with his issue on the bus.

Brendan, oh Brendan! What can I say about this highly charismatic character except I think I will miss him the most.  He is such a bright, shining star, the voice of reason, and the shoulder to cry on.  I am so immensely happy with the way things turned out for him.

Although Model Boyfriend can be read as a standalone it would be much better to read Undefeated first, and if you haven’t read it yet…why not? A wonderful sports romance that will have your heart racing and the tears flowing (Chapter 36, I’m saying no more!)

(Please read my review for Undefeated by Stuart Reardon and Jane Harvey-Berrick)

And as an added bonus there are modelling shots of Stuart Reardon interspersed throughout the book…sigh!

Rating 5/5


“What’s it like dating one of the most beautiful men in the world? A man whose face is on every magazine and ad campaign?

Not as much fun as it sounds, as Anna Scott is about to find out.

Retired from rugby at the age of 33, injured and bored, Nick is given the chance to enter the high stakes world of fashion photography as a model.

But behind the glittering façade lies an ugly reality: drugs, alcohol, all the deadly sins, and people willing to sleep their way to the top.

It’s a tough life and tougher on relationships.

Nick needs to learn to navigate the treacherous path quickly or risk losing it all—including the woman who has become his reason for living.

In this glamorous world, there is no room for error. Being a MODEL BOYFRIEND has never been harder.

Can nice guy Nick find his way through, or will he be tempted to risk it all? Because the one thing he despises is failure.

He’s a lot more than a pretty face.”


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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