The Legacy of Falcon Ridge – The McLendon Family Saga #8 by D.L. Roan


This family has been with me for a long time now and I have followed everyone of them as they have embarked on their own life adventures. Seeing the whole family brought together for Dani and Clay’s wedding is just another step along the path that will never end because even when the author hangs up her pen I will still be carrying these wonderful people in my heart.

Every member of the family makes an appearance in this book along with some of the newer characters who I know we are going to be seeing a lot more of. Dani’s wedding is fast approaching and the effect this is having on the Dad’s is hilarious. Grey is is usual self, and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Matt is cool, calm and relaxed….yeah right! But Mason, I think he may have had a personality transplant!

There are some very emotional moments and some downright sad ones, I was right there with them in that room. Word of warning have tissues at the ready….

This story encompasses so many of my favourite characters and shows them at their best. I laughed with the family. I cried with the family. I breathed a sigh of relief with the family. And I congratulated with the family. I am a quiet observer of this family and I thank D. L. Roan for bringing them to us.

A new series will soon be in the making featuring the Sterling Family (Clay’s family) but I do feel that there will still be more to come from Falcon Ridge. For one thing we are missing Cory – Could there be a Detective McLendon series in the future? I wait with baited breath for what comes next.


The Wedding Countdown Begins…..

As Dani and Clay plan their happily ever after, the McLendon family prepares to say goodbye to one of their own, and pass their legacy of unconditional love to the next generation. Grab a box of tissues and some chocolate, and take one final journey to Falcon Ridge in this heartwarming and passionate conclusion of the McLendon Family Saga.

Author Note: D.L. will miss the McLendons as much as her readers. While she has other stories to tell for now, she may visit Falcon Ridge in the future, and share her journeys in additional volumes.

The McLendon Family Saga Reading Order:

The Heart of Falcon Ridge
A McLendon Christmas
Rock Star Cowboys
Rock Star Cowboys: The Honeymoon
The Hardest Goodbyes
Return to Falcon Ridge
Forever Falcon Ridge
The Legacy of Falcon Ridge


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