The Billionaire Shifter’s True Alpha – Billionaire Shifters Club #5) by Diana Seere

Sophia Stanton enjoys the finer things in life, especially men and has no plans of giving up her pleasures any time soon.  That is until she her the BEAT.

Zach Hayden should not be the man he is today. Well, essentially he is no longer a man. Following an accident at work, Zach now has the abilities to Shift, but following months of rehabilitation the Stanton family are not convinced of his adaption to their world.

In the care of Sophia, Zach is taken to their ranch in Montana where the two work on the conventions of his shifting and their sexual attraction. Not knowing who to trust, Zach flees and soon becomes the target for a rogue shifter. Can Sophia save Zach before it is too late or is it Zach who needs to save Sophia?


Once again a brilliant continuation to the Stanton family saga.  Sophia is the head-strong, female version of her twin Derry (prior to him meeting Jess) and can hold her own with any man. Zach, however, is not any man.  Considering himself a misfit, a freak of nature, he refuses to believe that the connection between himself and Sophia is what it is. Fate is a fickle thing and even harder for a scientist to come to terms with.

The characters are fantastic and work so well together to give an entertaining, thrilling and sometime amusing tale. It is great to see all the Stanton’s back together.  Lilah and Gavin are having twins, Edward and Molly are happily engaged, Derry and Jess have their own surprises, and Asher is blatantly in love with Sam but refuses to acknowledge it…can’t wait for his story!

Zach is a pivotal character in the ongoing battle between the Stanton’s and Tomas Nagy as they fight for the good of the Shifter world and I look forward to seeing how this plot will progress in the next story.

Right – Wrong #2 by Jana Aston

Everly Jensen believes that there is one perfect, right man out there for her and his name is Finn Camden, her brother’s best friend.

Since the age of six, Everly has planned her life around Finn, going to extreme lengths to gain his attention. During one of her many ploys, Everly comes face to face with the most annoying, intrusive and captivating man she has ever met.

Will Everly get her man? and which man will it be?


Loved this book as much as the first.

Everly is a brilliant character.  She works with Sophie at Grind Me and appears frequently throughout “Wrong”.  She is completely obsessed with her brother’s best friend, Finn Camden and will literally do anything to get his attention but everything she does seems to push him further away.

Sawyer Camden has heard all about Everly and her exploits from his younger brother, and when he finally meets her his interest is piqued.  Knowing that Finn is completely wrong for her, Sawyer sets out to prove that maybe she should be setting her sights on the right brother.

I found this story to be more comical than the first and no less addictive.  As it progresses it gains in seriousness and I’ll be honest, you could be laughing one minute and close to tears the next.   It is very well written with the character developments and connections working really well. Sophie and Luke both make appearances along with some new characters, namely Chloe (Trust) and Sandra (Fling).

I would highly recommend this series if you like hot me, hot sex, and a good storyline.

Wrong – Wrong #1 by Jana Aston

If anyone can attract the wrong man it is Sophie Tisdale.  Her longest relationship was to a guy who turned out to be gay, and her current boyfriend seems to be a player.  So what could be wrong with having a little crush on the hot guy that comes to the coffee shop where she works?  Nothing…except when he turns out to be her gynaecologist and all she’s wearing is a paper gown!

But could, just this once, Mr Wrong be Mr Right?


Could not put this book down and read it in one day. Brilliant!

Sophie was born to a teenager mother and never knew her father so she has always been cautious of sex.  When she finally decides that the time is right she plans ahead to get birth control.  Unbeknown to her, the handsome guy that comes in the coffee shop every Tuesday is the exact same person who will be doing her examination….Awkward!

Sophie and Luke continue to cross paths and when Luke finds out some disturbing information about her current boyfriend he steps in and takes her home, to his home.

Sophie is a lot younger than Luke and although this caused problems in the beginning the pair soon come to terms with it.  This was not the only hurdle Sophie had to jump…there is his family, his ex, her ex,  best-friends with good intentions and a surprise relation… all of which makes for an interesting read.  Put that together with hot, HOT sex and you’ve got yourself a curl-up-on-sofa with tea/coffee/wine story that you’ll want to keep reading.





The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

Dennis Danson was a man on Death Row for the murder of a local girl but he always confessed his innocence.  When a true-crimes style programme is aired thousands of people are suddenly interested in his story. Among them is a young, female schoolteacher from England.

Samantha found herself intrigued by Dennis’s story and so begins a long distance correspondence with him in jail.  As a new series is about to be filmed, Samantha finds herself pulled into his life, travelling to America to visit him and ultimately marrying him. But when evidence is brought to light and Dennis is released, is he all he seems to be.  Returning to his home town, Samantha finds that not everything is quite as it should be but how much can she trust Dennis?


I will admit that I was unsure of the plot line to this story, English girl falls in love with an American murderer on Death Row, I guess if you truly believe in someones innocence then you may fall in love with them but even before he is released Samantha seems to have her doubts. The first half of the story is very much about his appeal campaign and them getting together, along with extracts relating to his childhood and the the first film about about him.  As the story progresses it gains more of the psychologically thriller aspect…What is Dennis hiding? What is Lindsey up to?  What is really going on between Dennis and Lindsey? Is Dennis really as bad as people say? And the biggest question of all is – Why is Samantha still staying in that creepy house in the middle of nowhere with him?

Once I reached the half-way stage the story was much more engrossing and I even had to force myself to put it down to get some sleep.  I’m not sure what to say about the ending as I really don’t want to spoil it, all I will say is that I’m still not sure what Samantha is doing.  She is as much of an enigma as Dennis is, she knows that Dennis doesn’t love her the way she needs him to but she stays.  My main issue with the ending of the epilogue is that it still doesn’t fully tell what happens, it gives the reader ideas but the questions are always there in the background.  That is one thing that irritates me at the end of a book, when the author leaves the reader hanging or gives a hint of what ‘may’ happen, like they are not sure how they want it to end themselve. I like to have a clear cut ending and as far as I am aware this is not a series.

This is a well-written story and gets the mind working on who did what, why and how, where the story is going and who will come out unscathed, if alive at all.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in psychological thrillers. This is the first book by this author and I hope it’s release goes well for her.

This is an ARC review for Netgalley

Breaking Away Series Boxed Set -Breaking Away #1-3 by Meli Raine

Allie Boden’s life changed two years ago when her mother was killed. Having just turned eighteen, she longs for a life away from her controlling, drug dealing stepfather and the unpaid hours at his dive bar.

Chase Halloway has dreams. Unfortunately for him he is also the son of Galt Halloway, notorious president of the Atlas Motorcycle Club.  Galt has plans for Chase to take over the club and there is no leaving.

When Chase and Allie’s paths cross there is an undeniable attraction but being the son and stepdaughter of rival drug dealers prevents them from following their hearts. But when Allie is kidnapped and tortured, ready to be sold off to a drug lord, can she trust what she sees or will Chase save her before it is too late?


Lies, murder and mistrust all combine to make this a compelling series.  This boxset comprises of : Finding Allie, Chasing Allie & Keeping Allie.

This is the first romantic suspense series by Meli Raine – (aka Julia Kent) and is as well written and engaging as her other books.

Allie is a sweet girl who has had a tough life.  Being left in the care of her controlling stepfather, she saves every penny she can to escape his clutches, and although he has never cared for her he is oddly protective of keeping her innocence.  Chase is the tough bad-boy biker, but is he as bad as he appears?  There are definitely times throughout this book that I wanted to slap him, in fact Allie does at one point. I didn’t want to believe what I was reading and the emotions I felt on behalf of Allie shows the signs of a good author who can get under your skin with their characters.

There are some very romantic moments, and by this I mean hot, steamy intimate scenes.  There are also elements of  physical and emotional abuse. Although these are limited in their graphic descriptions, there are enough details after the events to imagine the pain and suffering caused to Allie.

With lies, secrets and surprises this series kept me gripped in the lives of the characters.  A must read for anyone who enjoys romantic suspense.