Find Me – Corrupted Hearts #3 by Tiffany Snow

Twenty-four year China Mack had her life organised and that was exactly how she liked it, until events that she couldn’t control took over.

Vigilance gets shut down in the wake of an assassination attempt on the President. Clark turns up out of the blue needing her help to clear him as prime suspect.  And Jackson proposes. China’s ordered life hangs in the balance.

When the investigation into the President’s shooting leads to a military assignment that Clark was involved in six years ago, China , Jackson and Clark find they have to work together to stop an unknown assailant before he tries again, but it is not only the President who is in the firing line.  Secrets are unearthed that will effect everyone involved.


Brilliant! I am a huge fan of Tiffany Snow and once again she has had me on the edge of my emotions with the third instalment in the Corrupted Hearts Series.

China Mack has a very emotional time of it and for someone who does not deal in emotions it is especially hard for her.  Just when she thinks everything is settling down Jackson proposes to her and Clark returns after a three month absence, which sends her feelings into overdrive and she struggles with how to deal with it all.  When all three of their lives are threatened they have to work together, which is easier said than done.

The suspense and action along with the emotional drama and romance is to the usual high standard of this author. The story is fantastic and there are secrets that are revealed throughout this book which will effect all the characters and how they view each other. China finds out more about herself and receives some much needed guidance from an unexpected source.

I’m still sticking by my decision from my review of “Break Me” – TeamClark.  Saying that, I do feel an attachment to Jackson. He has shown his love for China every step of the way in the best way he knows how, but there is a quote from Clark relating to puzzle pieces that I agree with (no spoilers) and I think he has it right. The characters are so well written that in my mind they become real and I want everyone to be happy.  Such a shame she has to choose.

Great to see some familiar names back again.  If you have never read the Kathleen Turner Series then I would highly recommend it. Although it is not essential for the enjoyment of this series, there are some characters who appear within in this story and it would help the reader to make more sense of who they are.

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to advance read this.

And an even bigger Thank You to Tiffany Snow for writing it.