Stolen Series Box Set – Stolen #1-3 by Elisabeth Naughton

When an archaeologist and a thief cross paths no one can predict the adventures that will ensue.  Throw into the mix an art collector and an Egyptologist, and a form police officer and a detective, and you’ve got three stories of adventure, excitement, mystery and murder.

Stolen Fury 

Dr Lisa Maxwell is on the hunt.  Unfortunately for her she is not the only one and when Rafe Sullivan seduces the relic out from under her she stops at nothing to claim it back. Teaming up to locate the other two Furies finds the pair sharing more than their desire for the ancient objects, as the heat turns up romantically so does the pressure to achieve their goal before others put a stop to them – permanently.

Stolen Heat

Six years ago Peter Kauffman walked away from the only woman he has ever loved.  It would be the last time he saw her alive…until that night.

Katherine Meyer did the only thing she could. She killed herself.  Not knowing who she could trust and her desire to protect those she loved she felt she had no choice, but when the threat returns her only option is to come out of hiding.  When her plans go wrong she has to learn to trust all over again but can she forgive and, most of all, can she be forgiven.

Stolen Seduction

Hailey Roarke first met Detective Shane Maxwell when he tried to protect his sister, Lisa. Unlucky for him he came face to face with PC Roarke and ended up flat on his face. Meeting him again at Lisa and Rafe’s wedding caused the same tingly feelings she had the first time but when he leaves without a word she is determined to put him behind her.

Following the death of her father and his bizarre Will requirements, Hailey takes over as CEO of Roarke Resorts and follows the stipulations within but with the rest of her family also chasing the same ornaments things soon turn ugly. When Hailey finds herself as prime suspect in the death of her cousin it takes a familiar face to help prove her innocence and help her in tracking down the answers that have been hidden from her all her life.


Excellent series that combines adventure, murder, mystery and romance.

The stories focus on one set of main characters although, with the exception of Kat, each of the other characters are connected and appear in all three books.  Lisa and Shane are twins, Rafe and Peter are long term business partners, and Rafe and Hailey used to be married. The stories themselves are interesting and full of action, there is no sitting still for this lot of explorers. Each story contains a treasure hunt of sorts that turns to devious and murderous intent when someone races against our heroes to beat them to the final prize.

The characters work well together even though they probably shouldn’t due to their differences but I think that helps to bring them together.  Lisa and Rafe are a great couple and I admire Lisa’s ability to be able to have Hailey as a friend considering she was previously married to Rafe and admitted that she still loved him.  I guess when you are secure in your relationship and the love for your partner then no one else matters.   Pete and Kat where destined to meet again and the animosity he feels towards her for the last six years is understandable. Finally there is Hailey and Shane who have only met a couple of times in the six months that these books are set, but have an undeniable connection.

These stories are a good read if you like some action with your romance.  I will be reading more from this author in the future.



Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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