Pretty Lost Dolls – Pretty Little Dolls #2 by Ker Dukey, K. Webster

Benny misses his Dirty Doll.  Getting her back is his only priority.  With the help of Broken Doll, Benny seals her fate and she finds herself transported back to the cell of her nightmares…only they are no longer nightmares, this is real.

The torment is far worse this time than last. Now Jade knows what it means to be truly loved by a man, Dillon, she knows that what she will suffer at the hands of Benny is not love but a sick and twisted perversion.

Stronger, older and now a skilled detective, Jade must find a way to break free from the hell she is in and put an end to the monster that lurks in her dreams.


Dark, sinister and thrillingly good.  The concluding part of the ‘Pretty Little Dolls’ series is twisted in ways you can hardly imagine.  This book is far more graphically descriptive than the first and contains scenes of rape, torture and mutilation that some readers may find disturbing.

This story is written from a 3 person perspective – Jade, Benny and Dillon.

Jade finds herself back in the clutches of the psychotic Benny only this time he intends to punish her for running away.  Finding herself stronger and with more to live for this time round, Jade resists the urge to plunge in the state of denial that once worked well for her.  Now she embraces the pain, storing the rage to help her fight harder to rid herself of the monster once and for all.  Having the love of Dillon on her side gives her something to fight for and finding that she also has an unexpected new Doll in the attic makes her more determined than ever to get herself and the Dolls out.

Benny is one messed up character.  His obsession with Jade, his ‘Dirty Little Doll’, reaches new highs in this part of the story and he is out to punish anyone who dared to touch what is his. We find out a lot about Benny’s past and how he became the depraved monster that he is.  He retells stories of his youth.  His father’s perversions and his mother’s wicked punishments. Quite frankly it is surprising he can function at all in the normal society.  There is also a surprising twist that is revealed during the telling of Benny’s past.

Dillon is most definitely the hero of the hour.  He loves Jade for all her faults.  Everything she has been through has made her the woman she is today and nothing will prevent him from finding her and saving her from the monster in the dark.  Some monsters, however, can be closer than you think and a shocking surprise is in store for Dillon and Jade. I said in my review of the first book that I loved Dillon’s character and his relationship with Jade and this is reinforced in this book as the couple continue to seek out and destroy Benny.

I will warn you once again though, there are some very graphically written scenes when Jade is being held captive that may offend or disturb some people.  If you like dark, thrillers with your romance and are not squeamish or easily offended then you should enjoy the Pretty Little Dolls series.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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