The Wedding Rescue, Complete Series – Alpha Billionaire Club Trilogy #1 by Alexa Wilder

Leigha Carmichael is having a bad week.  Her ex has betrayed her, her new boss is being creepy, and to top it off her sister is getting married and she has no date to the wedding.

Enter Dylan Kane.

Seeing her sitting at the bar he knew he wanted her.  She was not his normal type, but then he was bored of women who only looked at him for his bank account.  Finding a real women was he needed.  Sitting next to her at the bar he knew he had found the right women, he just had to make her his.

When he made the offer, Leigha would not believe that he was really interested in her. How could this tall, rich, hot-as-hell man be interested in a plain, boring, over-weight woman like her.  He offered her the deal – he would be her date to the wedding but she would be his, completely, for  the weekend.  What happens when the weekend is up and the wedding is over?


Poor Leigha, she has had a really shit time of it.  Her ex-boyfriend is an idiot, not only that, he is a theiving idiot.  Her sisters are not worth the time of day.  I am in complete agreement with some of Dylan’s comments about them and I loved the part where he hung up on Christie.  I am a big woman…not huge but definitely in the over-weight catagory.  My mum and sister are both thinner than me and I will admit that they have in the past nagged me about my weight.  I know they do it more because they are worried about my health than my actual size. What they have never done is been bitchy about like Leigha’s sisters are.  Some of the things they say about her I’m amazed she still talks to them at all.  Dylan scores major points with his protectiveness over Leigha.

The main critisism that I have for this story is the speed that the characters fall in love with each other.  All it took was one evening and Dylan was vowing that he would not let her go.  Also the weekend was so full of drama, what happens when the drama stops and real life begins?  Can you fall in love in that time?

Regardless of that, I really enjoyed this story and it introduced us to other characters who also have their own stories to tell.  I will be reading more of these in the future.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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