The Bound Heart – The Velvet Basement #2 by Elsa Holland

For two years Olive Thompson tormented him by coming to his Bookbinding shop.  Every Friday, like clockwork, she would be there with the delivery of twine, thread and ribbon. If she only knew what he would like to do to her with it.  But his world was not for her. How could it be.  The Art of the Rope is not something for an innocent.

Just a taste. That’s all he wanted then he could leave the torment behind.

Olive Thompson knew there was something dark about Mr James Edwards but not until she saw the photos did she ever dream what he could do.  Instead of being disgusted she found them intriguing.  Making Mr Edwards see her as the woman she was would take determination and courage. Becoming the woman she knew she could be would take Mr Edwards.


I have read books on bondage relating to BDSM before but this is the first one dedicated to the Japanese art of the Rope – Shibari. It has an elegant twist in the format of being set in the late 19th century when sexual exploites was much more a taboo subject.

Olive is a very strong character who, despite the constant pressure from her mother and sisters to find work on the streets, sticks to her principles of being an embroider.  For two years she has been infatuated with Mr Edwards and has tried to express her interest but he has always kept his distance.

Jamie Edwards knows what he enjoys and that enjoyment comes in the form of rope and what he can do with it.  Learning from a Japanese master from an early age, the art of rope tying and suspension has always intriugued him.  Finding like-minded women who will indulge his fantasies has not been a problem but the one woman he wants to do it to he knows he can’t, or can he?  Olive has been in his heart but he has his rules and they are set for a reason.  No one, not even Olive, will make him break them…

Olive and Jamie are the perfect blend of light and darkness.  He believes he lives in the dark world not suitable for her, she wants to bring light to his and show him that there is a little darkness in her too.

I was fascinated by the intricate styles that can be created with the rope and how the strength of the woman is highly important for the art.  This book showed the highly erotic nature of Shibari but also the connection between two people who enjoy each other and what they can give each other.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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