The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby (Howls Romance #4) by Diana Seere

Three years ago a night of passion left tiger-shifter, Kara Jablonski, with more than just good feelings. It also left her with a son.  Keeping the boy a secret from his famous father, and even more infamous tiger-shifter family, is all Kara can think to do to keep them both safe.

Lars Jensen may have the reputation of a bad-boy rock star, but since that night he has been chasing the tail of the woman who left him. Now, an unexpected meeting will bring out secrets and feelings that neither of them had been prepared to share.

When two tigers meet it is nothing but WILD!


This novella follows on from the Billionaire Shifter series which is one of my favourites. Lars has been introduced to us in previous books in this series although only as a side character.  We find out more about him and his family in this book and the woman who has become his ‘One’.

Kara is a weretiger from a working class background who has no one left except her son. She will do everything in her power to protect him, including keeping him from his father.  When the couple finally meet, sparks fly and the beat is unmistakable but when Lars learns her secret there are more than sparks.

If you have never read any of the Billionaire Shifter series then…What Is Wrong With You! In all seriousness, this story can be read as a standalone but I would still recommend you read the other’s in the series.

A fantastic addition the this brilliant series.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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