The Wedding Rescue, Complete Series – Alpha Billionaire Club Trilogy #1 by Alexa Wilder

Leigha Carmichael is having a bad week.  Her ex has betrayed her, her new boss is being creepy, and to top it off her sister is getting married and she has no date to the wedding.

Enter Dylan Kane.

Seeing her sitting at the bar he knew he wanted her.  She was not his normal type, but then he was bored of women who only looked at him for his bank account.  Finding a real women was he needed.  Sitting next to her at the bar he knew he had found the right women, he just had to make her his.

When he made the offer, Leigha would not believe that he was really interested in her. How could this tall, rich, hot-as-hell man be interested in a plain, boring, over-weight woman like her.  He offered her the deal – he would be her date to the wedding but she would be his, completely, for  the weekend.  What happens when the weekend is up and the wedding is over?


Poor Leigha, she has had a really shit time of it.  Her ex-boyfriend is an idiot, not only that, he is a theiving idiot.  Her sisters are not worth the time of day.  I am in complete agreement with some of Dylan’s comments about them and I loved the part where he hung up on Christie.  I am a big woman…not huge but definitely in the over-weight catagory.  My mum and sister are both thinner than me and I will admit that they have in the past nagged me about my weight.  I know they do it more because they are worried about my health than my actual size. What they have never done is been bitchy about like Leigha’s sisters are.  Some of the things they say about her I’m amazed she still talks to them at all.  Dylan scores major points with his protectiveness over Leigha.

The main critisism that I have for this story is the speed that the characters fall in love with each other.  All it took was one evening and Dylan was vowing that he would not let her go.  Also the weekend was so full of drama, what happens when the drama stops and real life begins?  Can you fall in love in that time?

Regardless of that, I really enjoyed this story and it introduced us to other characters who also have their own stories to tell.  I will be reading more of these in the future.

The Bound Heart – The Velvet Basement #2 by Elsa Holland

For two years Olive Thompson tormented him by coming to his Bookbinding shop.  Every Friday, like clockwork, she would be there with the delivery of twine, thread and ribbon. If she only knew what he would like to do to her with it.  But his world was not for her. How could it be.  The Art of the Rope is not something for an innocent.

Just a taste. That’s all he wanted then he could leave the torment behind.

Olive Thompson knew there was something dark about Mr James Edwards but not until she saw the photos did she ever dream what he could do.  Instead of being disgusted she found them intriguing.  Making Mr Edwards see her as the woman she was would take determination and courage. Becoming the woman she knew she could be would take Mr Edwards.


I have read books on bondage relating to BDSM before but this is the first one dedicated to the Japanese art of the Rope – Shibari. It has an elegant twist in the format of being set in the late 19th century when sexual exploites was much more a taboo subject.

Olive is a very strong character who, despite the constant pressure from her mother and sisters to find work on the streets, sticks to her principles of being an embroider.  For two years she has been infatuated with Mr Edwards and has tried to express her interest but he has always kept his distance.

Jamie Edwards knows what he enjoys and that enjoyment comes in the form of rope and what he can do with it.  Learning from a Japanese master from an early age, the art of rope tying and suspension has always intriugued him.  Finding like-minded women who will indulge his fantasies has not been a problem but the one woman he wants to do it to he knows he can’t, or can he?  Olive has been in his heart but he has his rules and they are set for a reason.  No one, not even Olive, will make him break them…

Olive and Jamie are the perfect blend of light and darkness.  He believes he lives in the dark world not suitable for her, she wants to bring light to his and show him that there is a little darkness in her too.

I was fascinated by the intricate styles that can be created with the rope and how the strength of the woman is highly important for the art.  This book showed the highly erotic nature of Shibari but also the connection between two people who enjoy each other and what they can give each other.

Shopping for a CEO’s Wife – Shopping for a Billionaire #12 by Julia Kent

Amanda Warrick, best friend of Shannon McCormick and fianceé of Antedec CEO Andrew McCormick, is living the dream…only her dream is quickly becoming a nightmare.

With the help of her future father-in-law, an over-zealous wedding planner, and the paparazzi plaguing her every move, Amanda finds that planning the most important day of her life just became… unimportant.

Knowing that her love for Andrew and his love for her goes way beyond one day, what can a fixer do to the unfixable? She cancels it!

Join Andrew and Amanda on their journey to Happy Ever After.


All the gang are back again, this time to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Andrew and Amanda. It amazes me that no matter how many books there are in this series, each one is just as good, if not better, than the one before.

Andrew and Amanda really are the perfect couple.  Not because they are “perfect”, more because they aren’t.  They both have their faults, issues and insecurities but the other loves and accepts everything about them.  It has taken a while from their first kiss to get to this point where they are ready to commit however, despite not having Marie to interfere, they have someone much more destructive to their emotional well-being – James McCormick!

This story is full of comical genius. There are moments when I was smiling to full out ‘roll-on-floor’ laughing.  The funniest part for me was the Medi-spa conversation which centered around Amanda, Josh, Carol and Marie.  They are discussing a future mystery shop and as you can expect from these four the conversation goes off on a complete tangent.  Josh’s penis gets discussed at length (pun intended) and as usual mouth-to-brain filters are missing with hilarious outcomes.

This is most definitely a love story.  Don’t ever make me choose my favourite couple between Declan and Shannon or Andrew and Amanda because it just can’t happen.  This series has brought may smiles to my face and will continue to do so for a long time to come, rereading is essential!

Next up – Declan as a daddy! Can’t wait 🙂

Ruby and the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Novel by Ditter Kellen

In the wake of her father’s murder, Ruby Atwood returns to New Orleans to seek answers and care for her little brother.  Finding that her father was heavily in debt to Lincoln Barone leads Ruby to the mansion of a hooded Beast, who demands she pay off her father’s debt by staying with him for one month.

Cursed for the sins of his father, Lincoln despises the whole Atwood family and plans to ruin and humiliate Ruby,  but will her innocence and beauty be enough to bring humanity back to the Beast or will he scare her away forever…as who could ever love A Beast?


I really enjoyed this retelling of the classic tale.

Cursed with voodoo magic, Lincoln was born a beast and destined to stay that way unless he could learn to love and find a innocent to love him in return.  Believing this to be hopeless task he had resigned himself to the fate handed him.  That is until he sees Ruby Atwood.

Ruby will do anything to ensure that her brother is kept safe and in her care, even if that means giving herself to a man for a month.  Not everything in life is as it seems and when she is faced with the reality of her confinement, Ruby finds all the courage she has to get through.

The connection between Ruby and Lincoln is tenuous to begin with and there is a subtle attraction but when they disagree expect explosions.  Finding the one woman who will stand up to his beastly ways increases the attraction on both sides.

A modern day fairy-tale with sexual chemistry that would definitely make Belle blush.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby (Howls Romance #4) by Diana Seere

Three years ago a night of passion left tiger-shifter, Kara Jablonski, with more than just good feelings. It also left her with a son.  Keeping the boy a secret from his famous father, and even more infamous tiger-shifter family, is all Kara can think to do to keep them both safe.

Lars Jensen may have the reputation of a bad-boy rock star, but since that night he has been chasing the tail of the woman who left him. Now, an unexpected meeting will bring out secrets and feelings that neither of them had been prepared to share.

When two tigers meet it is nothing but WILD!


This novella follows on from the Billionaire Shifter series which is one of my favourites. Lars has been introduced to us in previous books in this series although only as a side character.  We find out more about him and his family in this book and the woman who has become his ‘One’.

Kara is a weretiger from a working class background who has no one left except her son. She will do everything in her power to protect him, including keeping him from his father.  When the couple finally meet, sparks fly and the beat is unmistakable but when Lars learns her secret there are more than sparks.

If you have never read any of the Billionaire Shifter series then…What Is Wrong With You! In all seriousness, this story can be read as a standalone but I would still recommend you read the other’s in the series.

A fantastic addition the this brilliant series.

The Skeletons of Scarborough House – The Chapelwick Mysteries #1 by Kitty French

Melody Bittersweet is no ordinary woman.  Of course, she does everything that normal women do, she eats anything high in sugar, she fantasises about hot superhero sex, she has a cool best friend and at least one crazy family member, but where Melody is different is that – she can see ghosts!

When she turns twenty-seven, Melody decides that it’s time for a change.  She no longer wants to be a go between, a messenger if you will, for spirits to convey their final thoughts to their loved ones. She wants to help the living to eradicate pesky immortals who cause problems, and so she begins – The Girls Ghostbusting Agency.

On her first case she finds herself in direct competition with the one man who broke her heart and also a fellow ghost-seer, Leo Dark. Along with a non-believing reporter who is out to discredit her entire family, but also happens to be as sexy as hell, Melody is in for a bumpy ride.


Fantastically funny!

The whole concept is brilliantly put together and Melody is such a great character. Teaming up with her best friend Marina, Artie and a pug called Lestat, to form the Girls Ghostbusting Agency (yes, I know, Artie is not a girl but all will be explained when you read the book) leads to the investigation of Scarborough House.

The current owner is trying to sell but has a small issue with his buyers being scared out of their wits every time they enter the premise.  Following a T.V. broadcast by her ex-boyfriend, Leo, who is covering the ghostly going-on at Scarborough House, Melody decides to “lend a hand”.  Going head-to-head with Leo could be the beginning and the end of her agency but when she uncovers the reason for the current infestation of Scarborough spirits she knows she must uncover the truth to allow them the release they need.

A great who-done-it with comical undertones.

Looking forward to reading the next in the series –  Mystery at Maplemead Castle

Impossible [The Original Trilogy] – Impossible #1 by Julia Sykes

The night Dr. Claudia Ellers was kidnapped was the the night that changed her life forever.  She was taken to save Sean Reynolds’ life but could Sean save hers in return.

Sean has a dark side that he tries to resist but with Claudia the battle is harder.  He knows he must let her go but he can’t.

Claudia does what she needs to do in order to survive but is betrayal and deceit worth the pain of losing him forever.


It took me a while to get into this book but once I did there was no putting it down.  Once you get passed the Stockholm syndrome effect and the real relationship starts between Claudia and Sean it is a romance that you will be hoping to succeed.

Claudia Ellers is a strong woman because she does not let anyone behind her defensive walls, she knows that the moment she starts caring for someone then she can be hurt more than she is prepared for.  Losing her family leaves her alone in the world with only her work and she has become a severe workaholic.  Being forced to spend time with Sean, getting to know the real him, starts to make her walls crumble and it will take a strong force of will to keep them intact, but really, when you are chained to the bed of a sexy, all-alpha male who needs walls anyway?

Sean Reynolds is a small-time criminal whose father has higher hopes for him.  What Sean does he does against his will, and with the help of Claudia he sees a way to a better future.  Nothing is ever easy though and these two have a long and painful journey ahead of them.

There are minor elements of BDSM mainly in the form of the B&D, with some hot sex to accompany it!  Within the story we are introduced to several other characters who will have their chance to tell their own tale of love, pain, sex and dominance.

This is the first in a very extensive series and I will definitely be reading some more in the future.