The Coming Home Series Boxed Set – Coming Home #1-3 by Meli Raine

Returning home to everything and everyone she had left behind was not something that Carrie Myerson expected to do, but now that she is, she plans on finally uncovering what really happened three years ago.

Finding Carrie stranded on the side of the round after she walked away from him without so much as a goodbye three years ago, has Mark Paulson wondering why she is back and how he is going to keep her safe.

Searching for the truth has never been so dangerous.  Drug lords, sex slave traffickers, and kidnapped women with limbs missing.  There is more going on in this town than first appears.

This series box set combines the Coming Home trilogy: Return, Revenge, Reunion


Mark and Callie are intriguing characters who have a mixed and unusual past.  Mark is full of secrets but gradually opens up to Callie who finds that the man she once loved isn’t who she believes him to be.  The  connection between the two is instant and old feelings are hard to hide.

The story is engaging and action packed.  Some of the things that happen come as a complete surprise.  As I was reading I thought, ‘there is now way the author would do that to this character’ but knowing the author through other books I really shouldn’t be surprised.

The romance is sizzling.  Mark and Callie have been apart for three years but their passion has never faded.  In the middle of chaos, when evil is out to get you, the only thing two people in love can do is have some hot,  heart-pounding sex followed by some emotion-filled love-making.

There are currently three series written by Meli Raine that all link together through their characters.  In my wisdom I have actually been reading them in reverse.  I started with the Harmless series which was based around Drew and Lindsay, but also included Mark Paulson.  Mark is the main character in the Coming Home series with Callie and also involves his brother Chase who is the star of the Breaking Free series.  I love it when authors do this, bringing together characters and advancing their stories alongside others.  I will be reading the Breaking Free series in the future.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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