Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat – Wingmen #2 by Daisy Prescott

Thomas Clifford Donnely, also known as TC – Tom Cat, enjoys the attention of the ladies. Working his way around the island, he has himself a few regular hook-ups but likes to try something new when he can..yes, he is a Man Whore.

Hailey King has had a crush on Tom since they where in high school, however with her tomboy antics and being his sister’s best friend she stayed well under his radar.  Returning to the her childhood island was always something she dreamed of doing, breaking up with her no-good fiancé was not.

In a moment of drunken madness, Hailey tracks down Tom and so begins a sex-with-no-strings relationship.  But what happens when feelings and emotions start to get involved. Can Hailey trust Tom to give up his Tom Cat ways?  Will Tom succumb to his deep down emotions and find his “One True Love”?


I do enjoy reading books from the man’s point of view.  Tom is your typical attractive man who knows it.  He doesn’t want relationships he just wants to have fun but age is not on his side anymore and, with his best friend settling down, it starts to dawn on him that his old ways aren’t so much fun anymore.  Hailey is a great female counterpart to Tom. She doesn’t take any of his nonsense, she is fun, flirty and welds! With lots in common is it no wonder that these two have such a great connection.

There are some very fun scenes in this book that had me laughing, specifically the hot tub moment – “I’m Naked!”.

If you like your men cocky, arrogant and bearded then you will love this book, Tom is all three.  An enjoyable comedy romance from Tom’s point of view. His former Wingman and new girlfriend also make an appearance and I will definitely be reading  John and Diane’s story soon.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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