Thank You for Holding – On Hold #2 by Julia Kent, Elisa Reed

Carrie Shelton thought she had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect friends and, more importantly, perfect boyfriend.  Right until the moment he dumps her…for another man.

Ryan Donovan has been Carrie’s best male friend since the day they both started at the O Spa together but deep down he has always wanted more.  When Carrie’s boyfriend leaves her just before she is due to be in his sisters wedding, Ryan offers to take her as a “pretend” date.

With neither side knowing that the other wants more than the fake relationship they are portraying, can they overcome fears and past failures to confront their futures?


Brilliant follow up to Our Options Have Changed where we first met Carrie and Ryan.  Now it’s time for their story and what a story it is.

Ryan has always loved Carrie, Carrie has always had feelings for Ryan, neither has the guts to tell the other for fear of rejection and spoiling what they already have.  It takes Carrie’s boyfriend coming out, a weekend wedding, and the help of close friends to make them realise what is right in front of them.

Poor Carrie always wants to see the best in people, even missing the fact that her boyfriend is more effeminate than she is and constantly checking out the ‘costumes’at O when he visits her.   Ryan is the misunderstood hero of the hour.  Not the playboy he is made out to be because, quiet frankly, he is too in love with Carrie.

Their journey is one of hurt, laughter, embarrassment and joy, but ultimately love and I felt each and every one of these as I read this book.  I also never realised that donuts could be so… versatile!



Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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