Love Handles – Oakland Hills #1 by Gretchen Galway

All Beverly Lewis ever wanted was to be a pre-school teacher, until the grandfather she has never met leaves her a failing fitnesswear design company. The closest Bev comes to fitness is to walk to the kitchen. How hard can it be to deal with employees when you have based your career on caring for children?

Liam Johnson, Executive Vice President of Fite Fitness, knows what it takes to run the company.  A tough attitude and heartless persona, neither of which fits the new owner with her cheerful smile and cookies.

When someone starts sabotaging her plans and breaks into her house, instead of turning tail and running, Beverly stays to fight her foes causing Liam to see her in a whole different light.

Can Bev save the company and her heart or are both destined to fail?


A fun story with some intersting twists along the way.

Bev is a woman after my own heart.  Yoga pants are for comfort after a hard day, not to actually do Yoga in! And what better way to treat your staff than to bring in homemade cookies and treats.  Liam’s character took some getting used to.  He normally goes for the skinny model, bitchy type but finds something intriguing in Bev who is the complete opposite.  The only problem is his motive for being with her.  This is a constant battle throughout the story – can either of them trust the affections of the other?   Loved Liam’s mum and the relationship she has with her children, not so keen on Bev’s mum.

The twists relating to who was trying to destroy Bev and Liam’s hard work was interesting and although I had my suspicions they were not clarified until nearer the end. They did add a little excitement and mystery to a contemporary romance.

This book also introduced us to some of the other main characters in the follow-up books. Looking forward to finding out how Mark overcomes his fear of women in This Time Next Door.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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