Vanished – Edgars Family #4 by Suzanne Ferrell

Luke Edgars first met Abigail Whitson while training to be a government agent five years previous.  For reasons he kept secret, Luke did everything he could to convince the agancy that she was safer to everyone being kept out of the field.  The last person he expected to see in the middle of a bloody crime scene was the on woman he couldn’t forget.

Arriving at her friends house, Abigail is shocked to discover the chaos and blood that awaits her.  Believing that the situation could not get any worse, the one person from her past who she never wanted to see again is the one person who can help her.

Can Luke keep Abby safe when leads into her friend’s disappearance link with other missing women.  It is a race against time to ensure that they all don’t vanish.


I really enjoyed this book. It is great to have the young and cocky Luke find the one woman who can bring out his mature, protective side.  All the ribbing he has given his brothers when they fell in love is about to bite him in the arse. Abigail is a very strong female character who resists the alpha male tendencies of Luke, and like Sami, Katie and Judy, she proves that she can take care of herself but it is nice to have a man to look after too!

This story line focuses on the subject of sex slaves and human trafficking.  I have read several romance suspense books that have tackled this subject and I think this has covered it well.  Admittedly I don’t have much insight into the subject at hand but the graphic descriptions of the degradation of the women , which can be very hard to read, does add to the overall emotions portrayed by the characters.

This series of books have exciting story lines, protective alpha males, strong independent women, and some sizzling sex scenes.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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