Kidnapped – Edgars Family #1 by Suzanne Ferrell

Samantha Edgars knew that when she left the ER that night her life would never be the same, she hadn’t realised just how different it was going to get.  Walking to her car, still in her nurse’s scrubs, she didn’t expect to be kidnapped right there in the car park.

Undercover FBI Agent, Jake Carlisle, needed help. Spying the lone figure in scrubs walking towards her car, he had no choice but to take her.  All he needed was someone to patch up his key witness and himself, then be on his way.  Never expecting that the situation could get so out of control, that someone on the inside was trying to frame him, or that he would start to develop feeling for Sami, Jake must do everything he can to protect the two people who suddenly mean more to him than anything else.


Samantha has a very forgiving nature.  Admittedly some of her forgiveness is due to the fact the Jake is, in fact, a good guy and what he did, he did for Nicky.  Not sure I would have jumped into bed with him quite so quickly even if I had been on a dry spell but then again…

Jake and Sami work well together.  She brings him out of his loner state and gives him something to live for, he shows her that a man can care for her and gives her something to live for.  Both of them are fighting to keep the bad guys away from young Nicky, who has seen way too much for his years.

Through the course of this story we are introduced to Sami’s older brothers, Dave, Matt and Luke, who I know each have a story of their own to be told.

An exciting romance suspense that will keep you turning the pages.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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