Masters and Mercenaries – 1-3 by Lexi Blake

The Dom who loved me

Sean Taggart works for an elite securtiy team run by his brother, Ian.  Getting close to the targets personal assistant was not exactly the high point of the mission until he sees her.

Grace Hawthorne would not describe herself as young or petite.  At 40 years of age, widowed with two sons already in college, she only has her job left to look forward too but when Sean enters her life it takes a drastic turn.

Sean’s dominant side soons makes an appearance leaving Grace feeling hot and confused. Does she want a life of submission and how long can a man like Sean be interested in an older women anyway?

When threats escalate it is up to Sean to do the right thing.  Is walking away from Grace really the answer?


The Men with the Golden Cuffs 

Serena Brooks is in trouble. As a writer of erotic novels she has found that people don’t always accept differences but when her stalker starts esclating to personal threats she seeks out the help of McKay/Taggart Securities.

Jacob Dean and Adam Miles have been best friends since joining the army together.  They have found that they like to share more than just a home, they like to share their women too.  When they are assigned to protect and investigate Serena Brooks will they be able to resist staking a claim to her.

Serena is a very curious writer and finds that the lifestyle of Jake and Adam is very appealling.  Submitting to Jakes dominant side leads to more than just a little research and when she is introduced to the ‘Club’ all her fantasies come true, but how long will they last?  How can Serena possibly keep the interest of not one but two alpha males?

When all evidence points to an inside job will Jake and Adam believe in the trust and love that could be theirs or will their past insecurities cause them to lose the one women they could both love?


A Dom is forever 

Liam O’Donnell has been in hiding since the day his brother was killed. Leaving Ireland and working for his old friend Ian Taggart has kept him occupied, along with being a Dom at Club Sanctum. Never wanting more than a one night stand, Liam is more than happy to go undercover to seduce the assistant of a possible gun runner.

Ten years ago Avery Charles lost everything, her husband, her child and the use of her legs.  Years in hospital learning to walk again made her strong but was she strong enough to deal with Liam O’Donnell. When her philothropist boss becomes the target of an investigation, Avery’s life is turned upside down. Can she trust those around her or is Liam just using her to get what he needs?


I will be completely honest and say that I did not expect to enjoy these books. I have never really taken much interest in the ‘Club scene’ type stories with hardcore Dom/sub, but these books did surprise me as they are not really hardcore at all. There are moments where I feel the women’s humiliation but the way they are written this doesn’t last long and feeds into the feelings between Dom and Sub well. Each male in their own story has a dominant side looking for his perfect sub but also looking for a life partner. None of them are 24/7 Doms.

There is also the suspense side of each story which detracts from the whole BDSM side.  The team is primarily a group of former military men who have a shared interest in BDSM. They are essentially one big happy family (ok, not always happy) but the bond between them is hard to break.  When the men find the woman they want there is nothing that will stop him from claiming her as his own and the women are more than happy to be claimed. As with all books of this type there is the moment when all seems lost – the alpha says something stupid, the woman does something stupid, or the bad guy gets past there defences, but I will say that so far each has had a HEA.  Something else that I enjoyed about these books is the continued presense  of the characters from the previous books and the ending of each leads onto the beginning of the next.

The scenes are fairly mild but gives a glimpse into the world of BDSM.  If you like this in a story then I think you will enjoy this series.  They have opened my mind up to reading other books along a similar line.

I will be reading more of this series in the future.



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