Exposed – Edgars Family #5 by Suzanne Ferrell

U.S. Marshal Frank Castello has an intense dislike of photographers, so when he meets the fiery wedding photographer at Luke and Abby’s wedding, he finds his mixed feelings for her go against everything he knows.

Sydney Peele first met the newly married Edgars couple while they were undercover on a photoshoot.  Seeing the tall, handsome and extremely taciturn Marshal sets her heart on fire, but when he offers to drive her home the last thing she expects is to find her house in the same condition.

Witnessing the horror on her face, Frank knows that from this point on he will do anything to protect the petite photographer, even if it costs him his career.


Yet another fantastic book in the Edgars Family Series. Great to see the Marshal finally showing his softer side.

Frank has been one of favourite characters since book two – Hunted – when he was first introduced and has proved that he belongs in the Edgars fold.  Sydney is another strong character who unwittingly has bad stuff happen to her.  Finding herself under the protection of Frank and having someone show that they care is a new concept to her.

These books never fail to provide action, thrills and romance.  I hope that there is still more to come as I really enjoy finding out how their lives are progressing. Also intrigued about the new situation they all find themselves in now (no spoilers!)

Capitol Danger by J.D. Tyler, Jeanne Adams, Nancy Northcott, Suzanne Ferrell

In a newly built hotel the celebrations are underway for Inauguration night, but this is going to be a party like no other. When a group calling themselves the Red Mantle decide to interrupt proceeding it will take everyone attending the ball to ensure that they do not succeed.  Written by four different authors, this book combines one night, one ball and one terrorist sect from the view points of four different perspectives.  Extremely well written by all authors as they subtly include scenes from each others stories.

(nb – I have already read this book once but will be reviewing each novella separately as I reread them)

UNMASKED: An Edgars Family Novella-by Suzanne Ferrell

Abigail Whitson and Luke Edgars are partners in both their work and their private lives. Whilst working undercover to locate missing missiles and plant a listening device on their lead suspect, Luke and Abigail inadvertently get caught up in the terror that strikes the Inauguration ball.  With their plans now changed it is up to Luke and Abigail, with the help of Frank Castello, to get as many innocent people out of the hotel as safely as they can.

But not everyone is to be trusted.


This story is best read after Vanished  as it continues on with Abigail and Luke with a lead into Frank Castello’s own story, Exposed.  I will admit that I actually read the whole book, Capitol Danger, before I read any of the Edgars Family novels but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to find out how Luke and Abby got to the stage they were at.  Starting with the first story,  Kidnapped, had me hooked from then on.

I do love the Edgars family.  The camaraderie mixed with continual banter between them all, plus the protectiveness towards their women, makes for such great characters.

This story was very well written and brought to life yet another member of the ever expanding Edgars family (I have no doubt we will be hearing more from her in due course). Finding themselves mixed into a terrorist attack was not what they had planned but in the usual Edgars style they face it full force.

Brilliant novella in it’s own right but highly recommended to read all four parts to get the most out of Capitol Danger.

Vanished – Edgars Family #4 by Suzanne Ferrell

Luke Edgars first met Abigail Whitson while training to be a government agent five years previous.  For reasons he kept secret, Luke did everything he could to convince the agancy that she was safer to everyone being kept out of the field.  The last person he expected to see in the middle of a bloody crime scene was the on woman he couldn’t forget.

Arriving at her friends house, Abigail is shocked to discover the chaos and blood that awaits her.  Believing that the situation could not get any worse, the one person from her past who she never wanted to see again is the one person who can help her.

Can Luke keep Abby safe when leads into her friend’s disappearance link with other missing women.  It is a race against time to ensure that they all don’t vanish.


I really enjoyed this book. It is great to have the young and cocky Luke find the one woman who can bring out his mature, protective side.  All the ribbing he has given his brothers when they fell in love is about to bite him in the arse. Abigail is a very strong female character who resists the alpha male tendencies of Luke, and like Sami, Katie and Judy, she proves that she can take care of herself but it is nice to have a man to look after too!

This story line focuses on the subject of sex slaves and human trafficking.  I have read several romance suspense books that have tackled this subject and I think this has covered it well.  Admittedly I don’t have much insight into the subject at hand but the graphic descriptions of the degradation of the women , which can be very hard to read, does add to the overall emotions portrayed by the characters.

This series of books have exciting story lines, protective alpha males, strong independent women, and some sizzling sex scenes.

Seized – Edgars Family #3 by Suzanne Ferrell

Dave and Judy Edgars have been happily married for the past ten years but since Dave got shot while on duty with the SWAT team he joined, Judy has been on edge and worries every time he leaves the house.

Being completely oblivious to her fears, Dave does not understand the torment he causes her until the night Judy is held hostage by a gunman in the OR where she is an attending nurse.  Being on the other side, watching the one he loves being the line of fire, Dave does everything he can to prevent his wife from leaving him…permanently.

Calling on all his family, can Dave and the Edgars clan stop the gunman before it is too late?


This is a great short novella that sees Dave and Judy through the rough patch they are going through and helps Dave to appreciate the pain his wife feels every time he leaves the house.

Not having had much interaction with the eldest of the Edgars brothers and his family, it was nice to have this glimpse into their lives and the support they got from all their siblings, including the ‘adopted’ Marshal Castello.  The despair felt by Dave as he is watching his wife is heartbreaking and I am not ashamed to say that I shed a tear when she made him leave.

This was a very emotional story.  From the prologue to the end, I was gripped by the anguish of all the characters involved.  It was hard to determine who the ‘bad guy’ was, although I think most of you will agree that it wasn’t the gunman. He had his issues and reasons, admittedly he went about it the wrong way but sympathy is still there, which is reflected in Judy’s actions.

This story leads nicely onto the next book – Vanished.

Hunted – Edgars Family #2 by Suzanne Ferrell

Matt Edgars follows all the rules and as a Highway Patrolman he expects others to do the same.  Finding Katie Myers asleep at a set of lights has him wondering just who she is. When Katie calls him to come rescue her the last thing he expects is to be held at gun point by the very person he is rescuing.  With fear radiating off of her, Matt must decide whether to break the rules or break his heart.

Katie Myers has been in Witness Protection for ten long years.  Constantly being moved from one location to the next,  she has become accustomed to living out of a backpack. When her past catches up with her, her impulse is to run, but with Matt by her side can she find the strength to stay and fight or will the Angel of Death finally get to her?


Katie is one tough woman.  Having learnt to survive from an early age in the most hostile situation and then fending for herself in the years after, she has very little trust in anyone.

Matt wants her trust. He wants to help her and protect her, but Katie has a very stubborn streak and will not be dictated to by any man, ever again.  With their personalities being so different it is surprising how well connected these two are.  They work well together, each wanting to protect the other, not so much to make amends for the past but more to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

I really enjoyed this story.  It has a gritty plot line, a military dictatorship hell-bent on overthrowing the government mixed with a cult following.  Katie is the one to bring the leader down but someone out there is still following orders.

Once again with have interaction with the rest of the Edgars clan, and also introduced to US Marshal  Frank Castello.

Next book in the series is Seized – Dave and Judy Edgars story

Kidnapped – Edgars Family #1 by Suzanne Ferrell

Samantha Edgars knew that when she left the ER that night her life would never be the same, she hadn’t realised just how different it was going to get.  Walking to her car, still in her nurse’s scrubs, she didn’t expect to be kidnapped right there in the car park.

Undercover FBI Agent, Jake Carlisle, needed help. Spying the lone figure in scrubs walking towards her car, he had no choice but to take her.  All he needed was someone to patch up his key witness and himself, then be on his way.  Never expecting that the situation could get so out of control, that someone on the inside was trying to frame him, or that he would start to develop feeling for Sami, Jake must do everything he can to protect the two people who suddenly mean more to him than anything else.


Samantha has a very forgiving nature.  Admittedly some of her forgiveness is due to the fact the Jake is, in fact, a good guy and what he did, he did for Nicky.  Not sure I would have jumped into bed with him quite so quickly even if I had been on a dry spell but then again…

Jake and Sami work well together.  She brings him out of his loner state and gives him something to live for, he shows her that a man can care for her and gives her something to live for.  Both of them are fighting to keep the bad guys away from young Nicky, who has seen way too much for his years.

Through the course of this story we are introduced to Sami’s older brothers, Dave, Matt and Luke, who I know each have a story of their own to be told.

An exciting romance suspense that will keep you turning the pages.


Shopping for a Billionaire’s Honeymoon by Julia Kent

Shannon and Declan are finally married and heading off to Hawaii for there honeymoon. There is just one problem – Declan won’t switch off his phone!  Ignoring his bride in favour of the constantly ringing plastic is not exactly the dream honeymoon Shannon had in mind.

When they reach their destination the situation does not improve.  With plans of not being able to walk due to too much sex, Shannon has to take drastic action in order to obtain Dec’s undivided attention.

Can the pair find the fire in their relationship or will their relationship be set on fire?


If it can happen, it will happen.  Declan and Shannon have to be the unluckiest couple around, but who needs luck when they have each other.  I swear that if anyone has even half the love and respect that these two have then they are destined for a life of happiness.

Having previously read the novella version of this book (a bonus story with ‘Our Options Have Changed’) which is told purely from Shannon’s POV, I already knew the basis of the story and the final outcome.  With the addition of Declan’s POV and some addition scenes this book has just got better and better.  Declan’s love for Shannon flows from the pages. Everything he does is for her, even though it may not seem like it at times, and in return everything she does is focused around him.

I challenge anyone who reads this not to laugh out loud at least once,  I may have got a few odd looks from family members during the evening with sudden outbursts.  Even without being there, Marie can still cause problems and James is not much better!

A must read as part of the ‘Shopping’ series. Already looking forward to the next installment.