Out of the Shadows – The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #3 by Tiffany Snow

Taken by the FBI, betrayed by a close friend, on the hit list of the top British Spy leader and carrying a deadly virus, can Ivy’s life get any worse?  Believing that Devon hates her, Ivy must take matters into her own hands on order to escape and save her own life.

Devon’s love for Ivy knows no limits. He will save her no matter what it costs him.  He will keep her safe or die trying and no one, especially Vega, will stop him.

Vengeance is high on their list when Devon and Ivy finally start to unravel some of the secrets that have plagued them over the months.  Can they stop Vega before it is too late? Will Devon and Ivy live long enough to have the happiness that they deserve together?


A gripping and heart-wrenching final book in the series.  Right to the very end I was kept enthralled by the relationship between Ivy and Devon and the uncovered secrets that emerged along the way.  Beau is a great additional character within this book and it would be great to see a spin-off of his story, maybe with Alexa as the lead female?

Just when they think that all will be well and they can have their happy ever after something or someone has to try to stop them.  Not in the least bit upset about Agent Lane and can’t think of a more perfect person to deal with him than ‘Tombstone’ (not sure that Kathleen would agree!)

If you enjoyed The Kathleen Turner Series then you will also enjoy this one.  If you haven’t read them but love a good mystery romance with a little love triangle thrown in then these are a great read.

Also highly recommended is the Risky Business Series (to be reread and reviewed) and the Corrupted Hearts Series (Book 1 already reviewed)

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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