In His Shadow – The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #1 by Tiffany Snow

Ivy Mason never imagined that her boring, normal life would suddenly turn upside down. But then her life has never gone according to plan.  With secrets in her past that she tries desperately hard to get over, she is not prepared for the one person who could shatter her walls and make her start feeling again.

Devon Clay will not get involved with anyone to the point of caring for them ever again. No good comes from getting close to him so he keeps everyone, especially women, at a distance.  Working for a secret British agency puts him constantly in the line of fire and when Ivy steps into his path that line shifts.

Finding herself mixed up with Devon and in the path of some very dangerous people, Ivy has to decide who can she trust both with her life and with her heart.  Can she unravel the secrets behind Devon before it is all too late?


Deceit,  lies and secrets. Not exactly the basis for a great relationship but as much as Devon has kept things from Ivy,  Ivy has dished out her fair share.  Ivy has finally let herself open up to a man but he is so closed off he needs a combination code to open him up.  In his defense, Devon does tell Ivy over and over and over again that he is not going to stay but no sooner has he said goodbye then he is back in her room, I think I’d be as confused as Ivy is.

Trust is in high demand in this book and it seems that it is going to take a lot for all parties to trust each other.  Speaking of which, not sure I trust Agent Lane all that much.  Seemed very convenient that he was in Paris when Ivy needed him, but I could be wrong.  Logan, Ivy’s best friend, is another one I’m not sure about.  I think Devon has him summed up. Why didn’t he do more for Ivy?  Also, I think he has a little something for Ivy going on but why he has never acted on it I don’t know, maybe we will find out in the next book.

This is a three book series and I will be reading the next one, hopefully finding out exactly what is going on between Ivy and Devon.  Will she spend more time with Agent Lane or is Logan going to get his act together and come clean about his feelings?  Will Devon be back or is he gone for good this time?

Intrigue, danger and suspense. All of this with a good healthy dose of romance and sex thrown in.  Tiffany Snow is following up the brilliant Kathleen Turner Series with another cast of great characters and edge-of-the-seat excitement.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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