We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk

When you come back from the holiday of your dreams expecting to be engaged but your boyfriend decides that he needs ‘a break’ you know that something is wrong. With this news Olivia’s world starts to take on a life of it’s own or rather a life that is planned out for her.

Adam doesn’t know what came over him.  The pressure of the proposal and events leading to it made him say those words, but when Olivia agrees he has to fight to get her back.  As time goes on and the break extends do either of them want the life they had before?



One word at any time would have prevented the series of events that happen throughout this story to poor Olivia and Adam.  Would the same things have happened if the proposal had gone ahead? Would Adam’s head have been turned by the dark-haired beauty and would Liv had found the courage to do what she wants and not what everyone else says she should?  Life is a funny thing and no-one knows what events will happen or where our lives will lead.

This is a funny yet thought-provoking story of making decisions and finding yourself. Liv wants to be a vet in her father’s practice and enjoys it but when decisions are sprung on her that effect her life I can fully understand why she got upset about them.  Waiting for Adam to propose on a beautiful holiday and then it not happening would put you on edge a bit.  The only thing that really gets me is that everyone tells them to talk to each other but they don’t or when one tries to the other won’t listen. Communication.  I sometimes wonder if this is as much a problem in the real world as it is in the literary world.  Most problems between couples seem to stem from the lack of communication or miscommunication.

Besides wanting to slap Adam a couple of times (ok, every time he was within a 5ft radius of Jane!) I really liked him. He made the choice to follow his dreams and do a job that he wants, which is never easy .   Chris I could just slap ALL the time. How Adam puts up with Chris is beyond me but then I guess that is siblings for you.  Liv just wants an easy life, but she wants it on her terms.  I’m pleased that she made the decisions that she did at the end.  I’m not sure I agree with the idea that the problems would still have happened if they had got engaged, it really seemed that the uncertainty of ‘the break’ is what led to the following problems, but as  I said before we never know what life is going to give us, we just have to do our best to make the right decision.

Very well written. Funny and enjoyable story of love’s rocky path. I will be reading more by this author in the future.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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