Thirty-Four Going on Bride – The Spinster Series #3 by Becky Monson

Julia’s time has come – she is getting married! But with an over-exuberant sister with aspirations of being a wedding-planner and a future mother-in-law to impress, Julia’s plans for a quiet beach wedding seem a dim and distant dream.

With a wedding to plan that is not what she wants, a bakery to run and a fiancé excited about expanding, Julia finds that everything gets a little to much for her.  Enter in Jared’s college sweetheart and crazy takes on a whole new meaning.

Will Julia keep it all together before the big day or will the stress finally push her over the edge?


Brilliant ending to great series.  Julia is at her freaky, crazy best. Planning a wedding is supposed to be a happy time but when you have a wedding planner from hell, aka Anna, and a mother-in-law calling the shots it’s no wonder it turns a bit stressful.  Jared is excited about expanding the bakery but Julia is not so enthusiastic, and when it all comes to head it takes a stint in hospital to get everything into perspective.

What I really like about this story is the unconditional love that Jared has for Julia despite her little quirks and small (yeah, right!) bouts of jealousy.  Jared is, dare I say it, a typical male. He is not great at picking up on subtle signs and most things go straight over his head but once an issue is spelled out in plain English he can general become the voice of reason or fix the problem.

You really can’t help but love the characters,  all their different personalities and traits. The story is fun and heart-warming.  There are no sex scenes within any of the books in this series just good old fashioned romance.  I have to admit that I had moments of laughing out loud and definitely a few tears in the eyes towards the end.

A curl up with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) series.  Recommended for anyone who enjoys a bit of comedy with their romance.

Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend – The Spinster Series #2 by Becky Monson

Julia Dorning never thought she would leave the realms of spinsterhood, or her parents basement, until she met the very handsome Jared Moody.  Now nine months later Julia’s life seems to be perfect, even to the point that she is going to be on national television.  In a moment of madness (ok, for Julia they come quite frequently) she applies to contend on Cupcake Battles, but as the day looms closer Julia’s nerves start getting the better of her.

With Jared acting strange, Julia’s mind starts working over-time.

Can Julia keep it together long enough to get through at least stage one of the challenge? And will she be able to handle whatever is unsettling Jared?


If life is going to throw anyone a curve ball it would be Julia.  Following on from the first book, Thirty-two going on spinster, we find Julia and Jared in a happy relationship, enjoying their jobs and everything going according to plan. You just know it can’t last!  Even though she now has her perfect job, owner of her own bakery, Julia still suffers with insecurities and vulnerabilities and that does change in this book either.  When Jared springs his surprise on her it is no wonder she doesn’t take it well and let’s face it she does what every other woman on the planet would do… asks friends and Google, neither is good for your sanity!

This is a great follow up book and just as funny as the first.  We have two weddings to attend and a reality T.V. show.  Patti is at her Southern best and is a fantastic side-kick to Julia on the show. With both Brown and Anna getting stressed over the respective weddings and putting more work on Julia, the poor woman doesn’t know if she is coming or going.

Hilarious moments mixed in with doses of reality.  You can’t help but want everything to work out well for Julia and Jared.  Great characters and a very funny story line.


My Immortal Cowboy – Hell’s Cowboys #1 by Victoria Zak

Bull rider RC Reid only wanted to give the girl of his dreams everything she deserved, leaving her to make his fortune on the Rodeo circuit was supposed to bring him fame and fortune but all it takes is one ride and his life, and death, was changed forever.

Charlee Brysen had to make money the only way she could – stripping.  When the love of her life dies, closely followed by the only family member she had left, she vows to keep the home she grew up in.  But with debts increasing and payments to be made she is left with few options.

With Vampires taking over the town of Diablo, Texas, and on the hunt to destroy all half-breeds, Roman McCoy is set to fight back.  With his Immortal Cowboys and the newly recruited RC Reid they patrol the streets to keep both humans and half-breeds safe but when Charlee becomes the focus of the vampires, RC sets out to ensure her safety and win back her heart.


Is there anything better than a good cowboy book…yep! Cowboys and Vampires! End of review…that is all you need to know.

This is the first book in the Immortal Cowboys series and sets the stage for future books, introducing all the pivotal characters, good guys and bad.  Along with RC there are three other cowboys – Kit, Clay and Tibbs, and also the man in charge, Roman.  The master Vampire, Mace Wrathmore , is determined to rid the world of the half-breeds and use the humans as a feeding supplying.  When he takes an interest in Charlee, RC does everything he can to protect her but sometimes it is not always enough and tough decisions have to be made.

Exciting and enjoyable story.  Interesting characters with the potential for further books. There is currently no sign of a follow up book but I am hopeful that the series has not ended before it has begun.  I will however be reading the Guardians of Scotland series by the same author very soon.

Return to Falcon Ridge – The McLendon Family Saga #6 by D.L. Roan

Jonah McLendon has returned.  After a year and a half away from Falcon Ridge he has finally decided that it was time to face his family and the demons he left behind.

Jonah has never forgotten Chloe, the girl who betrayed him and had him beaten to within an inch of his life, and finding out the his best friend, Pryce, is now engaged to her sends emotions and tempers flying.  But not everything is as Jonah believes.  Pryce, Chloe and Jonah have some big decisions to make and not everyone is happy with their arrangement.

When the truth is revealed can Jonah earn back the trust and respect of the people he loves most?


This is such a fantastic series.  The characters grow from book to book and they never fail to make you fall further in love with each and every one of them.

Jonah is the twin brother of Dani (who I believe is the focus of the next story) and found himself in love with not only his girlfriend but also his best friend.  The prejudices that arise during this story are all too common in every day society.  Two men and one woman is not deemed to be the social norm and therefore is wrong.   If this series of books has shown me anything it is that no matter what the dynamics it is the love within that is important.  Anyway that’s all a bit deep, let’s get back to the awesome story of Jonah, Pryce and Chloe, and what a story it is!  Finding out more about the Grunions has been interesting… Mother Grunion needs a damn good slap! Absolutely loved the part where Pryce has finally had enough and tells her like it is. Still she has to keep trying to control him. Seriously, how did she expect him to react?  The relationship between Jonah, Pryce and Chloe is brilliant. And I just loved the reactions from each and every member of the McLendon family.

Wonderful story of love, trust, understanding and believing in yourself. All three of the main characters broke free from their own insecurities and believed in what they wanted.

Word of warning: If you have issues with menagé relationships,  Polyamory marriages or M/M sex then do not read any of these books. If however you enjoy high levels of amazing sex scenes with drop dead gorgeous cowboys who are not ashamed of being naked then why the hell haven’t you started reading them already?!

The Billionaire Shifter’s Second Chance – Billionaire Shifters Club #3 by Diana Seere

Edward Stanton, Mountain-Lion Shifter and youngest sibling in the Stanton clan, has never forgiven himself for the murder of his fiancée ten years ago.  He has lived a solitary life on the ranch in Montana, never allowing himself to get close to anyone outside the family unit. That is until he meets Molly Sloan at his brother’s wedding.  A chance meeting again at another brother’s art exhibition sets in motion a feeling that he did not think possible – The Beat!

When Edward learns that Molly’s life is in danger he vows to do everything in his power to protect her, but will she let him?  Can Edward forgive himself enough to move on and let Molly into his life?


Another fantastic book in the Billionaire Shifter series. These books definitely have to be read in order as the characters all appear in each book with their individual stories being woven into the current one.  There is also an underlying story that is progressing throughout the series.

Edward is the shy, reserved member of the family, although a lot of this is due to the fact of never forgiving himself for the death of his fiancée.  However, when needs arise he is not so withdrawn and even stands up to Asher – the eldest brother and leader of the family.

Molly is great and when the three girls get together nothing can stop them, especially the men! She doesn’t take anything lying down (well, except Edward) and when her life is in danger she faces is head-on. Although she is not exactly on a par with Derry, Molly does have an appreciation for sex and I loved the part when she lost her ‘O’, it was even funnier when she blaming Edward for it – poor man had no idea what she was talking about.

Funny, sexy, and exciting.  This book has some of everything – romance, action, Shifters, comedy, and lots of sex!  A  must-read series.

Out of the Shadows – The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #3 by Tiffany Snow

Taken by the FBI, betrayed by a close friend, on the hit list of the top British Spy leader and carrying a deadly virus, can Ivy’s life get any worse?  Believing that Devon hates her, Ivy must take matters into her own hands on order to escape and save her own life.

Devon’s love for Ivy knows no limits. He will save her no matter what it costs him.  He will keep her safe or die trying and no one, especially Vega, will stop him.

Vengeance is high on their list when Devon and Ivy finally start to unravel some of the secrets that have plagued them over the months.  Can they stop Vega before it is too late? Will Devon and Ivy live long enough to have the happiness that they deserve together?


A gripping and heart-wrenching final book in the series.  Right to the very end I was kept enthralled by the relationship between Ivy and Devon and the uncovered secrets that emerged along the way.  Beau is a great additional character within this book and it would be great to see a spin-off of his story, maybe with Alexa as the lead female?

Just when they think that all will be well and they can have their happy ever after something or someone has to try to stop them.  Not in the least bit upset about Agent Lane and can’t think of a more perfect person to deal with him than ‘Tombstone’ (not sure that Kathleen would agree!)

If you enjoyed The Kathleen Turner Series then you will also enjoy this one.  If you haven’t read them but love a good mystery romance with a little love triangle thrown in then these are a great read.

Also highly recommended is the Risky Business Series (to be reread and reviewed) and the Corrupted Hearts Series (Book 1 already reviewed)

Shadow of a Doubt (The Tangled Ivy Trilogy #2 by Tiffany Snow

Ivy Mason’s relationship with her British spy lover, Devon Clay, may be unconventional but when he turns up in the middle of the night she couldn’t be happier. Despite the warnings from friends and family Ivy knows her own heart but she also knows that Devon has the ability to break it.

With many enemies seeking ways to bring him down, Devon knows he can’t stay with Ivy no matter how much he may want to, but when Ivy’s life is put in danger he can’t stay away.

Never knowing who to trust and being betrayed at ever turn, Ivy and Devon must face the odds that their relationship will end up getting one, if not both, of them killed.  Are the risks worth staying together or is being apart the only way forward?


Oh wow! The action and suspense wrapped up in this second book in the series had me turning page after page. Ivy and Devon have a very rough time of it during the few months that this book covers.  Ivy is put in more danger and wanted by several different factions because of the vaccine that is in her blood. Devon is trusting people who, quite frankly, don’t deserve it. Logan finally admits his feelings but this doesn’t exactly go according to plan for him. And as for Scott…well, he’s a whole other issue.

There were times when I just wanted to shake Ivy and say “Tell Him!” but the constant secrets are once again the underlying issue and causes more problems than they should.  I do understand the issues of trust that these two characters have and on the whole they are justified. Let’s hope that in the last book the love they have for each other will bring the trust they need.

Vega, by the way, is a just a first class Bitch!

Exciting and edgy second book in the series.