A Christmas Code – Code Breakers #2 by Jacki Delecki

Growing up, Lady Gwyneth Beaumont used to follow her older brother and his best friend, Viscount James Ashworth, around, much to their annoyance.  Now she is the one being followed. As one of the most beautiful debutantes of the season, Lady Gwyneth is in high demand but her eyes and heart are still set on Ash.

Arriving back from a three year assignment in France, Viscount Ashworth, known as Ash, hasn’t seen Gwyneth in all that time. Now coming home and finding her a woman he is grave danger of losing his heart.

With a mission at hand to prevent the assassination of the Prince Regent, Ash is reluctant to accept Gwyneth’s help but she proves to be more than just a beautiful distraction.  Can Ash keep Gwyneth safe and save the Prince or will it be Gwyneth who does the saving?



Great twist on a historical romance.  I will admit that I have not read the first book in this series but that was not essential to enjoy the second.  Gwyneth’s brother is the head of His Majesty’s spy service and Ash is his number 2.  The story is enjoyable and based around the  Christmas ball where deadly plots are being planned.  There are a few red-herrings to keep you guessing and some unexpected turns along the way.

Gwyneth and Ash are a great couple and even Gywneth’s brother is accepting of their union.  Gwyneth has loved Ash since she was a little girl, perfecting her spying techniques by following him around the grounds, but this year she has decided that he needs to notice her for the woman she is not the child she was…and boy,  does he notice!

Heat, passion and intrigue all mix together to make this an exciting Christmas romance.

A Very Merry Manhattan Christmas by Darcie Boleyn

Christmas has never been a happy time for Lucie Quigley and so for the last few years she has had nothing to do with the season of joy.  When an invitation to be a bridesmaid at her friends wedding in America lands on her door she snaps it up.  The only thing she is missing is a date.

As Lucie’s best friend, Dale Treharne has kept their relationship completely platonic (well except for that one time) so when she asks him to accompany her to New York he can’t say no.  The only problem is telling his mum he won’t be home for Christmas.  When wires get crossed and fake relationships are made can Lucie and Dale keep being friends or will attraction ruin everything?



Very entertaining story with a Christmas twist.   A bit on the ‘When Harry met Sally’ side but different enough to make it it’s own.

Lucie and Dale are great characters and I was cheering for them from the start.  The big question is why on Earth they hadn’t got together sooner.  Dale is such a calm, gentle guy and keeps Lucie from doing anything stupid, although that doesn’t always stop her but he is there for support when she needs it.

Lucie has had a rough time of it over the years and there are secrets that she is too embarrassed to share, even with Dale, but as with most of us her past has defined who she is now.

A fun, enjoyable Christmas romance with some lovely characters (and some not so nice ones)


The Naughty List: A Christmas Romance by Hazel Kelly

Holly Flynn has one Christmas wish, to be an actress. Her current role isn’t exactly what she aspires to – Cheerful Elf at Burke’s Department Store, but rent has to be paid and who knows what Santa might bring.

On one cold but festive day, Holly meets the handsome Anthony who definitely belongs on the naughty list.  Has Santa visited Holly early? And will she end up with more than coal in her Christmas Stocking?



Love Anthony. He is naughty, sexy and funny. Although this story is fairly predictable in who Anthony really is, it is still enjoyable and is more a case of waiting for Holly to catch on.

Holly is a great character.  She works for what she wants.  She has no secret past. She has a normal family who do normal things at Christmas.

If you are looking for a bit of romance, a bit of naughty sex and a happy ever after with a Christmas twist then this a book you will enjoy.

A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

Christmas is not a happy time for Eve. Since she was young it has only brought disappointment and when her fiancé is killed on Christmas day she refuses to take any part in it.  That is, until her great-aunt leaves her a theme park in her will. Not just any theme  – a Christmas theme park.

Finding out that she is owner of ‘WinterWorld’ is one thing, to then discover that she is only half owner and the other partner is the strange and mysterious, Jacques Glace, sends bells ringing, and not of the jingle kind.

Convinced that Jacques is up to no good, Eve sets out to uncover the truth whilst trying not to fall for his charm and charisma.  Can Jacques defrost her frozen heart to allow Eve to regain her Christmas spirit or will the ghosts of Christmas past continue to rule her future.



A lovely Christmas tale  and what a fantastic idea…WinterWorld! If I wasn’t already married, I’d get married there.

Eve is skeptical about the theme park and wants to get rid of everything Christmassy about it, fortunately Jacques is there to help guide the way.  The mix of these two characters brings a comedic value to the story along with a touch of will they/wont they.  The defrosting of Eve’s heart is a long journey and it takes everyone around her to thaw it out. Along with Eve and Jacques we also meet Violet and Pav, Eve’s Aunt Susan, Effin the Welsh foreman, Holly the Reindeer and, of course, Santa.

This is a light-hearted, entertaining Christmas story, with a serious undertone reflecting on the men and women who are killed or wounded in our armed forces.