The Random Series Boxed Set – Books 1 – 8 by Julia Kent

Finding a naked man on the side of the road was not what Darla expected as she drove home. Well, in all fairness he wasn’t completely naked – he had a guitar and a collar around his neck.  Picking up the naked hitch-hiker was also not something she expected to do.  Welcome to the Random Acts of Crazy!

This series follows the lives of the not-yet-discovered rock band, Random Acts of Crazy, starting with Darla picking up their lead singer and guitarist, Trevor.  Coming to his rescue is the bass player and his best friend, Joe.  Between the three there will be laughs, tears, love and a great deal of sex!

The other band members, Liam, Sam, and stand-in bass player, Tyler, each have their own story to tell.  Finding love with his own special woman will not be easy for any of the guys but when Random Acts of Crazy happen anything is possible .

With a trip to a fantasy sex island, a batch of dodgy gummy bears,  a road trip from hell, Christmas strippers and a stolen chicken called Mavis, what could possibly go wrong?

Random Acts Series

Book 1 – Random Acts of Crazy

Book 2 – Random Acts of Trust

Book 3 – Random Acts of Fantasy

Book 4 – Random Acts of Hope

Book 5 – Randomly Ever After – Sam and Amy

Book 6 – Random Acts of Love

Book 7 – Random on Tour Los Angeles

Book 8 – Merry Random Christmas



So, I have just read the entire series in 9 days, possibly my own Random Act of Crazy.  The antics that these guys (and girls) get up to is hilarious.  If you are easily offended by threesomes, the use of hallucinogenic drugs, the word ‘fuck’, and the emotional bonding between a man and his chicken, then this series is really not for you.

All the books involve the wonderful main characters – Darla, Trevor and Joe – and there ups and downs (in all respects) over the course of a few years.  Along the way we find out more about the other band members – Liam, Sam and Tyler – who each have their own story, but there is never a quiet time with Darla around.

Starting with a naked, high Trevor hitchhiking along the highway, being picked up by Darla and  then rescued by Joe, the story of the three begin. Joe and Trevor are best friends and had never dreamed about sharing a woman before but when they meet Darla the intrigue of how it could work sets them wondering about not how it works but if it really could work.  Darla can’t believe that these two gorgeous men could both be interested in her and the moral and social implications of being a shared woman causes her to have issues integrating into the relationship.

I laughed, I winced, I got really angry (especially with Joe!) but through it all I knew that the story unfolding would be heartbreakingly painful with outbreaks of hilarity. All the characters have their own individual personalities but work so well together.

Now that I have come to the end of the series I can honestly say that I will miss reading about the highs and lows of this intrepid band of misfits. I know that they also appear in ‘It’s Always Complicated’ along with some of the characters from ‘Her Billionaires’ and the ‘Obedient’ series which I will be rereading very soon. Good Luck Darla! Enjoy the rest of your life with two hot men and make sure they are worthy of your love and affection.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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