Sweet Sinful Nights – Sinful Nights #1 by Lauren Blakely

Brent Nichols made the biggest mistake of life…he chose his career instead of her.  Ten years later and she is back in his life. Can he convince her to forgive him for the past and turn their business arrangement into a much more personal relationship?

Shannon knew who owned the clubs that her dancers would be working for but she had been reliably informed that she would have no contact with him, so when he turns up unexpectately to her meeting her stupid heart tries to overule her head.  This she cannot allow.  Mistakes of the past are hard to forgive.  Can Shannon forgive the one man who broke her heart and will she allow him to mend it?



Poor Shannon has had a really harsh life.  With her mother in prison for killing her father, damaging her leg which put an end to her dancing career, and her finacé chosing his career over her, how much worse can it get?  It doesn’t end there. Fortunately Shannon has three brothers who love and care for her and will protect her but can they protect her heart when it comes to the only man she has ever loved.  Brent has always been the comedien and when he gets offered his own show he accepts without any thought, assuming that Shannon will follow him to the other side of the country.

When the two reconnect through a business deal ten years later, the old sparks fire and heat sizzles.  Shannon has a lot to work through and forgiveness does not come easy, however her feelings for her first and only real love means that her body is ruled by her heart instead of her head.

This was a passionate story about lost love and second chances.  Shannon and Brent are great characters and the desire between the two is evident from their first reunion. We are introduced to Shannon’s brothers, Michael, Ryan and Colin who each have their own book in the series, and who have such differing personalities it is bound to make for a interest read.  The story is interlaced with secrets and surprises and there is an underlying plot relating to the family as a whole which runs through all four books in the Sinful Nights Series.


Mr. Perfect – Mister #1 by J.A. Huss

All Ellie Hatcher really wants in life is a perfect home, with a perfect family, living a perfect life.  Having worked for Stonewall Entertainment for seven years, living a delusional life is the only way to life her perfect one. Until Mr Perfect arrives.

When Mac – Mr Perfect – decided that it was time to move on with his life he never expected the whirlwind force of Ellie Hatcher to come tumbling into his life. Having got an insight into the dreams and fantasies of this woman he realises that his own dreams are not so different.

Can Ellie find her Mr Perfect or is Mr Perfect just too….Perfect?



I have only read one other book by this author and to say they are like chalk and cheese is an understatement.  The previous book I read ‘3,2,1’ was power, dark and menage. This book was funny, sexy and entertaining. And I can honestly say I enjoyed both books equally and that J. A. Huss is a very versatile writer.

Anyway, getting back to the review of this particular book.  Mr Perfect is far from it and he knows it.  He got his nickname back in college, along with four of his friends, due to an incident (no spoilers). For the past ten years he has been off the radar but now he is back, and the first person he sees when landing is Ellie.  Following a series of events Ellie and Mac have some very hot sex! Oh yes! there is lots of sex!

Ellie is such a sweet girl who knows what she wants, she just doesn’t know how to get it. She is great at giving advice to others but doesn’t follow her own advice.  I really like her character, she tends to take as much as she can in her stride but, like with most people, it all gets a bit much and eventually something snaps.

Mac is awesome.  From that first time he picked up her shoe and made the Cinderella quip I knew I was going to like him.  One of the things I really like is when authors write a story like this from both points of view.  Getting inside the thoughts of the man and finding out what is going on with him is just as important as knowing the female thoughts.  Let’s face it most of us who read these books are female (not all, but most) and therefore we have a pretty good idea of what the female lead character is thinking.  It’s the man we want to know about, at least I do, so having dual POV is great.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading more in the series at a later date.

The Random Series Boxed Set – Books 1 – 8 by Julia Kent

Finding a naked man on the side of the road was not what Darla expected as she drove home. Well, in all fairness he wasn’t completely naked – he had a guitar and a collar around his neck.  Picking up the naked hitch-hiker was also not something she expected to do.  Welcome to the Random Acts of Crazy!

This series follows the lives of the not-yet-discovered rock band, Random Acts of Crazy, starting with Darla picking up their lead singer and guitarist, Trevor.  Coming to his rescue is the bass player and his best friend, Joe.  Between the three there will be laughs, tears, love and a great deal of sex!

The other band members, Liam, Sam, and stand-in bass player, Tyler, each have their own story to tell.  Finding love with his own special woman will not be easy for any of the guys but when Random Acts of Crazy happen anything is possible .

With a trip to a fantasy sex island, a batch of dodgy gummy bears,  a road trip from hell, Christmas strippers and a stolen chicken called Mavis, what could possibly go wrong?

Random Acts Series

Book 1 – Random Acts of Crazy

Book 2 – Random Acts of Trust

Book 3 – Random Acts of Fantasy

Book 4 – Random Acts of Hope

Book 5 – Randomly Ever After – Sam and Amy

Book 6 – Random Acts of Love

Book 7 – Random on Tour Los Angeles

Book 8 – Merry Random Christmas



So, I have just read the entire series in 9 days, possibly my own Random Act of Crazy.  The antics that these guys (and girls) get up to is hilarious.  If you are easily offended by threesomes, the use of hallucinogenic drugs, the word ‘fuck’, and the emotional bonding between a man and his chicken, then this series is really not for you.

All the books involve the wonderful main characters – Darla, Trevor and Joe – and there ups and downs (in all respects) over the course of a few years.  Along the way we find out more about the other band members – Liam, Sam and Tyler – who each have their own story, but there is never a quiet time with Darla around.

Starting with a naked, high Trevor hitchhiking along the highway, being picked up by Darla and  then rescued by Joe, the story of the three begin. Joe and Trevor are best friends and had never dreamed about sharing a woman before but when they meet Darla the intrigue of how it could work sets them wondering about not how it works but if it really could work.  Darla can’t believe that these two gorgeous men could both be interested in her and the moral and social implications of being a shared woman causes her to have issues integrating into the relationship.

I laughed, I winced, I got really angry (especially with Joe!) but through it all I knew that the story unfolding would be heartbreakingly painful with outbreaks of hilarity. All the characters have their own individual personalities but work so well together.

Now that I have come to the end of the series I can honestly say that I will miss reading about the highs and lows of this intrepid band of misfits. I know that they also appear in ‘It’s Always Complicated’ along with some of the characters from ‘Her Billionaires’ and the ‘Obedient’ series which I will be rereading very soon. Good Luck Darla! Enjoy the rest of your life with two hot men and make sure they are worthy of your love and affection.

Ascension of the Whyte – The Afterland Chronicles #1 by Karen Wrighton

She died. Normally that would be the end, nothing more. But for Sara Carson her life was just about to begin.  Everything she knew before is now forgotten. The land is strange, the people unfamiliar, and the powers intriguing – Cognitio, Morphology, Alchemy and Magica. Soon she would find that there is more to death than she ever believed possible.



Loved this book.  It was recommended to me by my husband who is friends with the author and, although it is not my usual read, I do enjoy trying something different from time to time.  It first struck me as very ‘Harry Potter’ish but as I read further and became more engrossed in the story that was soon put out of my mind.  The premise of the story is that once a year some people who have died are chosen to ascend to a different realm. The Ascendents are primarily of three different races who then specialise in one of the four powers.  Along comes Rose (Sara) who is from a race that hasn’t existed for over a thousand years and everything is thrown into turmoil.

As well as the differing powers and races, there are dragons, djinn, wolfmen and Twocasts. The story line is engaging and well written and had me picking up my kindle at every opportunity. There are friendships that are made, betrayals and losses. Happy times are few but when they do happen you can guarantee that Ash is somewhere in the mix – love his character.   There is no sexual content included and therefore makes this book suitable for a younger reading age, probably from around 13-14 upwards.  Although it is classed as young adult I think adults of any age who enjoy the fantasy genre would appreciate this series.

I will be reading book two very soon,  looking forward to seeing what happens with Rose and her cell.