Once Upon a Tower – Fairy Tales #5 by Eloisa James

Lady Edith Gilchrist, Edie as she preferred to be called, had one passion – music.  Above all else she loved playing her cello and would practice for hours but eventually the time had come for her to make her debut into society.  Struck down by a fever on the night of the ball, Edie didn’t know how she made it through the evening.  Remaining silent and plastering a smile on her face seemed to work.

Gowan Stoughton, the Duke of Kinross, had only one purpose for obtaining a bride and that was to become a mother for his five year old step-sister. However, when his eyes fix on the beauty of Edith Gilchrist his priorities change.  He wanted this woman for his bride, to share his most intimate pleasures, but Gowan had worked hard since the day he took over the estates in Scotland, scheduling time for his wife did not come easy.

Nobody said married life was easy but when all hope seems lost and words fail, climbing a tower may be the only way back.



This is the last in the Fairy Tale series and I really enjoyed it, but then I have enjoyed all of them and think this is a great series.  Based very loosely on Rapunzel, this story tells the tale of Edith Gilchrist, an English-born lady, who after one ball finds herself married to Gowen Stoughton, a Scottish Duke.  Both of them are inexperienced in the ways of intimate pleasure and with some bad advice from her step-mother/friend, Edie makes the best of a bad situation.  Mistakes are made along the way on both sides but it takes true love to overcome these mistakes and the ability to forgive.  Edie tries to conform with what she believes is the correct way for a lady to behave, all the while having wild and passionate thoughts about her husband.  At the same time Gowen is doing the same. Neither letting go of control and both ending up unhappy.

There is one point in the book where I did actually say “No, Gowen. Don’t do it!”  When you get to that point you will know. As with all these books there is a Happy Ever After and I am pleased to say that this is true for this one as well.

I will be reading more of Eloisa James books in the future. The next series on my list is the ‘Pleasures’ series.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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