The Ugly Duchess – Fairy Tales #4 by Eloisa James

Theodora Saxby grew up loving James Ryburn, future Duke of Ashbrook, like the brother she never had. That is until the day he proposed, in front of the Prince Regent himself.

Finding out that his father has lost nearly everything making bad financial decisions, including some of Theo’s inheritance, has put James in the position that he now finds himself. But when he finally allows his true feelings for Theo to emerge, an overheard conversation could be the end of it all.

Knowing that she is far from pretty Theodora is shocked that the most handsome man she knows wants to marry her, that is until she finds out the truth.  With her life in tatters and her husband missing, Theo must overcome all embarrassment and become the women she needs to be.

Can James ever become the man that Theo deserves or will his piratical ways be his final undoing?



What a great story.  Finding out that her husband has married her for less than love, despite the fact that we know he does love her, sends all Theo’s insecurities brimming over. Banishing her new husband from the house, she does not expect for him never to come back, well for seven years anyway.  But when he does re-emerge, what a comeback he makes.  Big, burly and brawny. Complete with tattoo. James Ryburn is no longer the young Earl he was when he left, but one look at his wife he knows that he will never leave again.

One ‘arrggghhh’ moment that I have, which is also reflected in the following novella Seduced by a Pirate, is the completely hypocritical way that the men think it is ok for them to sleep with women even though they are married, but the thought that their wife’s might have been in unfaithful sends them into fits of jealousy and possessive outrage. MEN!

The Duke of Ashbrook needs a good slap, James needs a kick up the backside, and Theo just needs someone to love her for her.

Wonderful characters, brilliant story line, and fitting forth fairy-tale in the series.   The accompanying  novella, based on James’ cousin Sir Griffin Barry, is equally enjoyable. Having met Griffin in The Ugly Duchess it is great to find out how his own home coming is received and the interesting moment when he finds out that Poppy doesn’t exactly having the meaning he thought it did. If you get the book ‘As you wish’ it also has the extended novella, With this Kiss, which continues the story with the children of the  Ryburn’s and Barry’s.

Author: mandy

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