The Duke Is Mine – Fairy Tales #3 by Eloisa James

Miss Olivia Lytton was betrothed before she was even born. Promised to the Duke of Canterwick’s son, Rupert, may not be all that she desires but she will do what needs to be done.  With her betrothal opening the door to better prospects for her twin sister, Georgiana, who finds herself in the running to be the next wife of the duke of Sconce, if she can pass the tests set by the Dowager Duchess.

Whilst Georgiana spends time impressing the Dowager, Olivia is left in the capable care of Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, who finds himself in the grip of an unwanted emotion…lust. The trouble is this lust and attraction is for Olivia.

Can Olivia stay loyal to her fiance, her sister and most of all herself, or will she succumb to the vibrant heat that floods her veins every time Quin is near?



I think that this is my favourite of the series.  I love Olivia. She does and says what she thinks but her loyalty to those she cares about makes her almost perfect.  The fact that she is on the larger side is also an added bonus.  One thing that can be said about this series is that all the duchesses/princesses/ladies come in various shapes, sizes and looks, but they are all perfect for the Duke/Prince who falls in love with them.

Tarquin, or Quin as he is known (much prefer Quin) has definitely had his fair share of heartache.  His first wife did not deserve him and as the story progresses it becomes clear why he is content to let his mother find him a suitable bride. Who needs love? Well, he does!

This story is filled with emotion.  There are many sad parts which I will admit to shedding a tear or two.  The contrast between the very emotional Olivia and the unemotional Quin is great and the two just fit together so well.  Olivia’s understanding of Rupert and Quin makes her such a lovely person that it would hard not to fall in love with her.

Fantastic alternative to the Princess and the Pea.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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