A Kiss at Midnight – Fairy Tales #1 by Eloisa James

Miss Katherine Daltry, Kate as she is less formerly known, has spent the past seven years taking over the roles of the dwindling staff on her father’s estate, an estate now left in the dubious care of her step-mother, Mariana. When Kate is summoned to attend a ball for the handsome yet arrogant Prince Gabriel’s betrothal, she finds that his charm and clever wit could compromise her in more ways than one.

Gabriel needs to marry.  The castle he has taken over to care for his family and people requires income. With a Princess on her way, with a hefty dowry, his problems could soon be over.  That is until he sets eyes on Miss Daltry.

Can Gabriel chose between what his heart wants and what his head decides? Can Kate keep her heart and her head separate when the power of love takes a hold?

Will there ever be a Happy Ever After?



This is a fantastic take on the original Cinderella story.  Kate has become the servant in her own household when her father married her step-mother and then passed away.  She cares for the people on the estate and the remaining servants will always look at her as the lady of the house.  Gabriel is a Prince from a foreign land, leaving his home to care for the people  evicted by his eldest brother, The Grand Duke. Like Kate, Gabriel has a sense of loyalty to his people that dictates he puts others health and happiness above his own.

Kate and Gabriel make a wonderful couple.  She has the backbone to stand up to him and he has the fiery temperament to keep her blood boiling, in more ways than one!  The connection between the pair is undeniable and the passion that flows both in the bedroom and out of it is definitely something dreams are made of. Kate’s ability to understand Gabriels position and his need to protect his people, forsaking his love for her to enter into a marriage of convenience, is nothing short of inspiring, which makes her decisions all the more harder.

Alongside the main characters are some truly colourful and enlightening characters in the form of Berwick (Gabriel’s half-brother, who has his own novella), Henry (the Godmother) and Victoria (the not-so-evil step-sister). With a Ball, fireworks, kisses and glass slippers this is a fairy tale of dreams.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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