Shopping for an Heir – Shopping for a Billionaire #10 by Julia Kent

Ten years ago he left her.  Walked away and didn’t look back.

Gerald Wright has put the past behind him and admitted the mistake he made all those years ago. Being chauffeur/bodyguard to the McCormick family and an artist keeps his mind and body focused.  But when the past comes back to him, can he retain the control he has worked so hard for.

Suzanne Dayton had no plans to ever see her ex-fiancé again after what he did but life just doesn’t work like that.  When her law firm takes on the inheritance case of a wealthy billionaire it is up to Suzanne to issue the papers to one of the beneficiaries, Gerald Wright. The man who broke her heart.  Now, standing outside his art class, Suzanne has to face the past and accept whatever the future brings.

Can Gerald and Suzanne get over their past or is ten years of anger and hurt too much for either of them?



What a wonderful addition to the ‘Shopping’ series.  Gerald is the quiet, reserved chauffeur of  James and Andrew McCormick.  Since Declan left Anterdec, he and Gerald have also become friends, which helps with Declan being his nude model for his art classes.  I think I would take up sculpture as well if the model was Declan .

Gerald has always been a background character in the previous books so it is great to find out more about him, his past, how he came to work for the McCormick’s, and what happened between  him and Suzanne all those years ago.

Poor Suzanne, it’s a good job she didn’t go on many more dates, there’s no telling who she would have ended up with!

The art classes are hysterical.  I love Agnes and Corinne. And Declan really has no shame!  I think it is great that Shannon is fine with him getting his ‘dangly bits’ out for the sake of art. Can’t wait to find out what happened on their honeymoon…I’m cringing already just thinking about.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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