Her Best Match – Best Girls #1 by Tamie Dearen

Anne Best has spent the last 15 years raising her daughters on her own since the car accident that took her husband away.  Now her girls are older and have left home, Anne decides it’s time to find a new purpose in life.

Steven Gherring, the handsome, single, fifty year old CEO of Gherring Inc., needs a new executive assistant. Katie, his current assistant is leaving to get married and so far none of the applicants have suited him.  Enter Anne Best. Not even close to being qualified for the position, Steven has to wonder why Anne is here, but when she shows a little of her temper during the interview he can’t resist but to hire her.

With the help of Gram, Steven’s Grandmother, Anne is on the look out for the perfect wife for Mr Gherring, but when she finds her can Anne get past the feeling that she has missed the perfect match?



I quite enjoyed this book even though it was a bit drawn out.   Anne is constantly jumping to conclusions and never seems to let Steven get a word in.  If she had, she would have known the outcome a whole lot sooner.  There are a few comical moments throughout the story, mainly around Anne’s clumsiness and speaking without thinking. The daughters are an interesting pair and each have their own personalities, looking forward to reading their stories as well. I liked the fact that the main characters where older. It is always nice to read about second chance at love.

A bit long-winded but an entertaining and enjoyable read.  Will be reading the next in the series soon.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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