Resurrection River – Men of Mercy #2 by Lindsay Cross

Ranger James had been on the same mission with his brother, Hunter, when they lost one of their own. His best friend, Shane Carter. The remorse he felt for leaving Shane behind was nothing to the guilt he now suffered for his feelings towards Shane’s widow, Amy.

Ranger and Amy had been childhood sweethearts until he ended it. Falling into the arms of his best friend and getting married had not been what Amy had planned, but then nothing went to plan.  Finding out she was pregnant just before he left but never telling him, and then her husband not returning had also not been in her plans.

Now Ranger is here and all her old feelings have returned for him and, if she was not mistaken, his have returned for her.

But when a mission falls on their doorstep and Amy gets mixed up with a local Mexican Cartel can Ranger protect her whilst fighting for her?



I was keen to read this story as I had enjoyed Redemption River but then I had serious doubts as I read the opening chapters.  There were so many inconsistencies with the overlap from the first book to this one that I was actually saying them out loud, getting odd looks from my family! Little things like Evie and Hunter being married at the time of Shane’s funeral, however in the first book Evie states that she felt awkward getting married just a short while after Amy had buried her husband.  And in the first book there was no inclination that when Ranger went to tell Amy about Shane that she was pregnant but in this book she was 7 months gone when he arrived to tell her.  I know that these are little details but as an avid reader, when you read a series that follows on from one to the next you expect the author to have some kind of plan or read back through their previous story line so that it flows well.

Anyway, I persevered and am glad that I did.  The story was both engaging and exciting. The relationship between Amy and Ranger was tender and romantic but when the sex took over it was rough and  primal with the Alpha side of Ranger taking over.

Amy has her fears, which are justified.  Not only is Ranger a member of her husbands team but he is also a special ops, meaning he could leave her the same way Shane did.

I had feelings about the what was going to happen towards the end but as the book went on and it didn’t happen I put those thoughts aside, but then they happened and in a very well written way.  Not saying anymore on this part due to spoilers.

If you enjoyed the first book you will also enjoy the second, once you get past the first few chapters!

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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