His Stolen Bride – Stolen Brides 0.5 by Shelly Thacker

On the day of her wedding, Lady Laurien d’Amboise is kidnapped and held hostage by a mysterious Scotsman. She is to be bargained with to gain France’s alliance with Scotland but what he captive is unaware of is…she doesn’t want to get married.

Lord Darach of Glenshiel has spent the last ten years perfecting his skills in battle and hardening is heart against all women.  Losing his youngest brother in a feigned peace treaty, Darach will do anything to protect what is left of his family and the Scottish people in his realm. The plan to abduct Lady Laurien seemed fool-proof, except for the docile lady turning out to a feisty women with a mind and plan of her own.

Can Laurien find the escape she needs to return to her convert or will she lose more than her freedom?  Will Darach be able to save both his country and his heart?



Loved this book. Originally published as the ‘Falcon on Silver Wind’ it has been revised and rewritten to bring it up to date.  From the opening scene of the prologue to the very last chapter I was completely gripped.  The characters are well written and have a heart-breaking background, certainly in the case of Darach. Laurien’s life had been peaceful up until her wedding day, then chaos and adventure take over.  She is a strong female character who, although brought up in a convert, has a mind and will of her own and isn’t afraid to express it.  She stands up to Darach, which is just what he needs.  Darach’s life has been filled with loss and heartbreak but he has taken that pain and turned himself into a warrior for his people.

The villain of the piece, Comte Jacques de Villiers, is a great bad guy.  He is relentless in his goal to get his bride back, and the fear and loathing he invokes throughout the book has you rooting even harder for Darach.

The supporting characters are essential to the story and I do believe that one particular character is the main focus of the next book.

This is definitely a series I will continue to read and hopefully we will have cameos from Darach and Laurien in future books.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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