She Can Tell – She Can… #2 by Melinda Leigh

Rachel Parker’s life has always revolved around her love of horses, the only thing she has ever allowed herself to love. Following a serious accident that halts her riding career she returns to her grandfather’s old farm to try to build her own horse training business.

When a series of threats and incidents start occurring on the farm, Rachel must face her past to prevent the attacker from claiming her future.

Police Chief Mike O’Connell has lived for his job all his life and never had an issue with getting emotionally involved.  That all changes when he is alerted to the problems at Parker Farm. One encounter with the feisty female and he knows he must back away, but can he.  When the threats towards Rachel escalate, Mike takes it upon himself to act as her protector giving the council members who want him out the excuse they have been looking for. But why do they want him gone?   Who is behind the attacks on Rachel? And can Mike convince the hard-hearted Rachel that he is worth letting down her walls for?



More engaging story than the first, this one had me guessing until just before the reveal.  I liked the character’s of Rachel and Mike although there were times when Rachel’s fear of commitment, because of her past, became a bit much.   Not sure many men would have stuck around as long as Mike did.  Love Sean, he really is a man who I can relate to…very happily married and loves his wife completely but goes to his mates house to watch porn because there are children in his house.  Let’s face it, it’s what men do.  Women generally prefer to read and men generally prefer to watch it (at least that is what I have found, hence the number of romance novels available).

We did have some cameos from Jack and Beth and also introductions to new characters. Having read this book I will probably venture onto the others in the series at a later date.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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