Her Best Match – Best Girls #1 by Tamie Dearen

Anne Best has spent the last 15 years raising her daughters on her own since the car accident that took her husband away.  Now her girls are older and have left home, Anne decides it’s time to find a new purpose in life.

Steven Gherring, the handsome, single, fifty year old CEO of Gherring Inc., needs a new executive assistant. Katie, his current assistant is leaving to get married and so far none of the applicants have suited him.  Enter Anne Best. Not even close to being qualified for the position, Steven has to wonder why Anne is here, but when she shows a little of her temper during the interview he can’t resist but to hire her.

With the help of Gram, Steven’s Grandmother, Anne is on the look out for the perfect wife for Mr Gherring, but when she finds her can Anne get past the feeling that she has missed the perfect match?



I quite enjoyed this book even though it was a bit drawn out.   Anne is constantly jumping to conclusions and never seems to let Steven get a word in.  If she had, she would have known the outcome a whole lot sooner.  There are a few comical moments throughout the story, mainly around Anne’s clumsiness and speaking without thinking. The daughters are an interesting pair and each have their own personalities, looking forward to reading their stories as well. I liked the fact that the main characters where older. It is always nice to read about second chance at love.

A bit long-winded but an entertaining and enjoyable read.  Will be reading the next in the series soon.

In Safe Hands – The Safe House #1 by Leslie North

Damian Stone lost his partner in a shoot-out gone wrong and left the NYPD to become a bodyguard for an elite security group.  Keeping people safe is what he does. Trusting those around him is essential. But when he is assigned a government witness, trust and loyalty are put to the test.

Alexa Volkov is testifying against her father, the notorious Russian crime boss. Her life is now in the hands of one man. One man who has to decide on his loyalty to his partner or to his charge. One man who has to put his trust in a woman whom he should hate. Can Damian Stone put his life on the line for the one person who doesn’t deserve either his trust or loyalty and certainly not his heart.



Damian Stone’s character is a troubled former New York cop whose partner dies in a Russian mob shoot-out. Damian has a troubled past, which he has told no-one about, but for some unexplained reason he completely opens up to Alexa. There is a constant attraction between the two main characters but Damian holds back due to his duty to his job and also because of who she is.

Do they replace brain cells with muscles?  Why do they always say…’this could be a trap but we are going anyway’, low and behold – it’s a trap! Not such a safe house either when they only spend one night in it before they are found. Surely that kind of defeats the object of the book series?

It is an okay read if you are after a tough guy out to protect the gorgeous girl, on the run from the bad guys, with some mystery thrown and a little bit of romance.

Noble Beginnings – Jack Noble #1 by L.T. Ryan

Jack Noble and his partner, Bear, are marines on loan to the CIA for a an intelligence gathering mission in Iraq.  When Jack conflicts with the team leader he finds himself and Bear detained on suspicion of murder.

Finally arriving back in the US, Jack decides that his time in the forces is at an end, hoping to start a fresh life when his enlistment ends. He doesn’t count on forces acting against him.  With his life hanging in the balance, Jack must find out who is trying to incarcerate him and just how high up the ladder the deceit goes.



Action packed from the start.  Jack Noble is a tough marine capable of taking on any opposition, although he does not always come away unscathed.  He is loyal to a fault and refuses to believe that those he trusts could be out to harm him.  He has some very lucky moments where the bad guys just seem incompetent but as the story unfolds you find out that there is a reason for this.

Interesting characters. I particularly liked Bear and hope to see more of him in future books. Jack is the rough and ready character, always in the thick of it.  Although I do feel a pang of sympathy for him at the end, I guess the following books wouldn’t have been written if things had turned out differently for him.

Nice lead onto the next book.  Looking forward to reading it in the future.


Bound – True Desires #1 by Sasha White

Katie Long has always been the good girl of her hometown.  Taking care of her mum after her father died, working at the local casino and helping anyone who needs it.

But she has a dark side. A desire to be bad.

That Bad side is brought out by Joe Carson, Security Guard at the casino. For no other reason than she wanted to, Katie decides to give Joe a private showing via the casino’s security cameras.  Taking this as his cue, Joe takes over her sex life as a dominant lover, unleashing all of Katie’s wildest fantasies.

But will Katie allow her desire for a man to come between her and her dream of leaving the small, sleepy town and heading for the big city?



This has to be one of the worst edited books I have ever read.  Words were either missing or hadn’t been edited out when changes had been made.  Letters were missing from words and in one chapter a whole paragraph is repeated.  Aside from the bad editing the story lacks any depth.  It is basically sex in all and any position.

I didn’t like the character of Katie at all.  Her friend, Julie, was right when she called her selfish.  Katie has absolutely no respect for Joe and quite frankly I don’t see what he sees in her.  She treats him really badly and he is the dominant one.  He makes his position clear to her although the constantly leaving during the night is a little bit of a mixed-message, but when he declares his love for her she just brushes it aside. And don’t even get me started on the hook-up she has when she arrives in Vancouver.

Had potential but lacked any real depth to the story and connection between the two main characters. Katie is just annoying and whinny. Joe is a ‘bad boy’ pushover. Badly written and edited making for a very frustrated reader.


My Familiar Stranger – Knights of Black Swan #1 by Victoria Danann

Elora Laiken lost everything the day her family was attacked by assassins. Finding herself forced through an experimental portal between dimensions she lands in a world so like her own but yet so different.  Saved by an order of knights known as the Black Swan, she finds that what was believed to be myths and fairy tales on her world are reality here.

Can Elora ever fit into this new world, make friends, find a purpose and realise that love is right there in front of her?



Fantastic story.  Well written, great characters and brilliant story line.  Elora is royalty in her own dimension and suddenly thrown through a portal to find herself in a place with subtle differences, the biggest being that fairy-tale characters do exist.  There is a wonderful love triangle between Storm, Elora and Ram and to be honest I really didn’t know who to hope for (normally I have a character picked and stick with it).  Storm is the archetypal hero, the unofficial leader of the team, and the saviour of Elora.  Ram is the ladies-man, joker and all-round good guy (also, an Elf). I will admit that even to the end I was still upset for one but happy for the other.

The myth behind what a vampire is and what will effect them is explained in a unique way with a short insert from what is known as the ‘Black Swan Field Training Manual’ at the beginning of most chapters.  I am kind of old fashioned in my Vampire lore however any breaks from ‘tradition’ are explained well and as the book is based in an alternate dimension it is easier to accept any differences.

Loved this book, engaged from beginning to end. Loved the characters and looking forward to finding out more about B-Team in other books in the series.

The Billionaire Shifter’s Curvy Match – Billionaire Shifters Club #1 by Diana Seere

Lilah Murphy needed a miracle.  Between her college debts, supporting her sister, and caring for her mother who needed surgery, Lilah didn’t expect that miracle to come in the form a phone call asking her to work at the very exclusive ‘Platinum Club’ as a waitress.

Gavin Stanton had been dreaming of her. The One who would make him complete, be his mate for life, and steal his heart forever.  He did not expect to find her working at the exclusive club he was a life-long member of.

When Lilah is inexplicably drawn to the handsome billionaire she cannot accept that he would want her for more than a good time. But when strange occurrences begin, his voice in her head, the throbbing headache relating to her scar, she knows that not everything is normal.  What she doesn’t expect is for him to be a werewolf.

Can Gavin convince her to stay when she finds out his true identity?  Will Lilah see Gavin what he really is?  And above all – Can soul-mates really exist?



Loved it!  This book was actually co-authored by a writer who’s books I have previously read and reviewed and loved, so it is not surprising that I would thoroughly enjoy this one as well.  As with a lot of her (Julia Kent) books it is written and finished in such a way that you know your main characters are going to be reappearing, with so much more than a cameo appearance, in the future books.

We are introduced to all of the Stanton siblings in this initial book of the series and it sets the stage for all future stories. Gavin and Lilah are a great couple and there connection kept me hooked (started and finished the book within 24 hours).  What I also loved about this story was that once Gavin had determined that Lilah was the one, there was no other woman in the sidelines (can’t say that will be the same with Derry!)  Each character is so different with their personalities that they compliment each other throughout the story.

Looking forward to finding out more about the other siblings in their own books and knowing that I will still get to enjoy the story of Lilah and Gavin and how their life progresses. Keep writing and we will keep reading!


Resurrection River – Men of Mercy #2 by Lindsay Cross

Ranger James had been on the same mission with his brother, Hunter, when they lost one of their own. His best friend, Shane Carter. The remorse he felt for leaving Shane behind was nothing to the guilt he now suffered for his feelings towards Shane’s widow, Amy.

Ranger and Amy had been childhood sweethearts until he ended it. Falling into the arms of his best friend and getting married had not been what Amy had planned, but then nothing went to plan.  Finding out she was pregnant just before he left but never telling him, and then her husband not returning had also not been in her plans.

Now Ranger is here and all her old feelings have returned for him and, if she was not mistaken, his have returned for her.

But when a mission falls on their doorstep and Amy gets mixed up with a local Mexican Cartel can Ranger protect her whilst fighting for her?



I was keen to read this story as I had enjoyed Redemption River but then I had serious doubts as I read the opening chapters.  There were so many inconsistencies with the overlap from the first book to this one that I was actually saying them out loud, getting odd looks from my family! Little things like Evie and Hunter being married at the time of Shane’s funeral, however in the first book Evie states that she felt awkward getting married just a short while after Amy had buried her husband.  And in the first book there was no inclination that when Ranger went to tell Amy about Shane that she was pregnant but in this book she was 7 months gone when he arrived to tell her.  I know that these are little details but as an avid reader, when you read a series that follows on from one to the next you expect the author to have some kind of plan or read back through their previous story line so that it flows well.

Anyway, I persevered and am glad that I did.  The story was both engaging and exciting. The relationship between Amy and Ranger was tender and romantic but when the sex took over it was rough and  primal with the Alpha side of Ranger taking over.

Amy has her fears, which are justified.  Not only is Ranger a member of her husbands team but he is also a special ops, meaning he could leave her the same way Shane did.

I had feelings about the what was going to happen towards the end but as the book went on and it didn’t happen I put those thoughts aside, but then they happened and in a very well written way.  Not saying anymore on this part due to spoilers.

If you enjoyed the first book you will also enjoy the second, once you get past the first few chapters!