Frail Blood by Jo Robertson

Alma Bentley is being charged with the murder of her lover.  Malachi Rivers is the attorney who has agreed to defend her.  Alma’s main problem is that the year in 1909 and women’s rights are in a dubious position.

When the new partner and Journalist for The Placer Gazette, Emma Knight, starts reporting on the trial, Malachi decides that it would be easier for him to employ her investigative services to help find the truth about what happened the night Joseph Machado lost his life.

Will working together and he attraction they both feel bring them closer together? Or will their pasts and differences of opinions keep them hostile towards each other?



For a women who is fighting for women’s rights, Emma Knight is very closed minded to the issues of the trial and the defense tactic the Malachi is using.  Women can be very stupid in these books sometimes – its like the classic teenage horror flick where the young girl goes upstairs in the creepy mansion with the serial killer on the loose – Emma does this twice (not the creepy mansion but the stupid bit), not learning from her first mistake, just because a man told her not to!

The twist towards the end is interesting and leads to our heroine getting into trouble again, but the build up is a bit slow.

I have not done any research into this era so I have no real idea if the book is historically correct for the time period, but I tend to find it is just easier to take it as a piece of fiction (which it is) and not stress over the little details.

The main let down of this whole story is the ending or lack there of. You may class this as a spoiler so I apologise now, but I like to know, in a romance, if the couple are actually a couple.  I did wonder if there might be a follow-on book based around different characters with cameos from Malachi and Emma but there doesn’t appear to be one. Is it a HEA? I guess the reader gets to decide.



Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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