Blindfold Fantasy by D.L. Roan

Jayne Simon has led a very safe and boring life, complete with safe, boring sex.  When she wins a  prestigious architectural job her best friend decides that a celebratory weekend in Vegas is in order with ALL the benefits, including living out her wildest fantasy…having blindfold sex with a complete stranger.

Blake Travers left L.A. after the death of his fiancée and hired himself out as an Escort.  The timely arrival of his best friend, Devin, means that he can now cover his double booking with Devin’s help.  Devin has no idea what is in store but one night with Jayne and he is obsessed.

Jayne arrives in L.A. a week after her magical fantasy night to find that her Escort, Blake, is her new project manager. The one problem she has is that he doesn’t recognise her from their night in Vegas.
When Devin Kirk, CEO of SI, returns after a trip to Canada he is astounded to find the girl of his dreams in Blake’s office.

Can a relationship be built on a fantasy? And what happens when both your bosses are attracted to you and propose an unconventional arrangement?


Oh WOW! DeElle has done it again with this fantasy turned reality story. Let’s face it, who hasn’t had the blindfold fantasy or the menage fantasy?

The one thing I like about DeElle’s books are that the male characters are up front from the beginning with what they want from their woman.  They do not hide who they are or what they enjoy and it leads to a more open, happy and honest relationship.  As always though, there is someone who wants to destroy their happiness.

Blake and Devin have a very unique relationship and understand each other.  They need a woman who will understand and accept their needs.  They had it once before but in a slightly different way from how they want their relationship with Jayne. I had so much trouble putting this book down that I only got two hours sleep last night (tired now!)

I know I have not currently reviewed them all but I have read all the books by this author now. If you are open-minded about realtionships and how they work differently for different people then I highly recommend these books.  Plus there is guaranteed hot, steamy sex!

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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