Fifty Shades Freed – Fifty Shades #3 by E.L. James

Christian and Ana finally have everything they never knew they wanted…each other. Newly married, they are enjoying their lives together with all its passion, wealth and love, and living in their own bubble of happiness.  But eventually that bubble will burst and all of Ana’s fears could be unleashed.  Will loving Christian prove too much for her?  Can he ever accept her love unconditionally and feel worthy of it or does he have too many demons in his past?



The final episode in the saga of Christian and Ana is a battle of strength that tests their love for each other.  Mistakes are made along the way by both parties that cause hurt and anguish to the other but with love on their side they will prove to each other that they are worth the fight.

It is a close call between this one and second being my favourite but I think that this one just makes it.  Christian’s ‘bedtime story’ about his past sent chills up my spine and quite frankly I wanted to slap the Troll Bitch as well! Ana’s encounter with Jack was what brought this book to a head for me.  Again there is not much time spent in the red room and the sex scenes, although plentiful, are the standard Kinky-Fuckery we expect from these books.

I really do think that, considering other books that are available, this set gets a bad rep. If you like a lot of dirty fun, a bit of romance, and a whole heap of passion then I recommend this series if you have not already read it.  Please read my previous reviews on the first two books as well.

I loved this whole series and will continue to read it every so often when the urge takes me 🙂

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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