Fifty Shades of Grey – Fifty Shades #1 by E.L. James

When Anastasia Steele agrees to help out her friend by interviewing entrepreneur, Christian Grey, she  does not expect to fall flat at his feet, literally.

Christian Grey is a very private, young and sexy billionaire who has unique tastes.  When Ana falls into his office and looks up at him his desire for her spikes, but can he lead her where he wants to take her.

Christian offers Ana a relationship she would never have dreamed of – that of submissive. To obey his every command. To be pleasured and punished in accordance to his rules. Can Ana be what Christian needs or will she end up getting hurt in more than one way?



I will be honest from the outset, I may have read this series more than once already (ok, this is my 12th time). It is the Marmite of all series – you either love it, or hate it.

Anastasia is a young girl, about to graduate and start her adult life in Seattle.  She is more innocent than Christian realises but this does work in her favour.  Christian is the 28-year-old billionaire who has specific taste in women and what he wants to do to them.  This first book, which is actually my least favourite in the series, is the basis of them getting to together essentially for a BDSM relationship.  It is mostly about the character background with not much story basis, dealing with the requirements of a relationship of this type.  There is almost a whole chapter on the contract, which to be honest, once you have read it you can skip that part. It was a bit daunting the first time I read it and I had moments of ‘ew, who would do that?’ but when you actually read the book there is not that much in the form of “punishment”.

I don’t know a great deal about this lifestyle but I have read several books similar to this one.  Christian actually goes lightly on Ana compared to some Doms. There is some spanking involved and only once in the ‘Red Room’ does he actually punish her. There is lots of hand restraints used and tying up, and a whole lot of sex but in my opinion it is not as violently abusive as I have heard some people say.

Like I said earlier this is not my favourite of the 3 books but it does set the basis for the other 2 and should be read in order to understand what is going on.  Please, please do not judge this book by its movie.  I did make the mistake of going to watch the film and OMG what a pile of s**t!  All the emotions and feelings are missing that you gain from the book.  There are thought processes that Ana goes through that cannot be conveyed onto the big screen and, in my opinion, both actors are completely wrong for the parts.  That’s the good thing about a book, you can create your own image of the characters with the description from the author but it is still your interpretation, this gets taken away when you watch a film.

Love it or hate it…..I love it!

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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