An Eclair To Remember by Rich Amooi

Sydney St. James is is unhappy about the way her life has turned out.  She has a job, but not what she wants. She has a man, but no real passion. She wants to travel again, write her blog and fell as though her dreams are as important as his, if only he would stay around long enough for her to tell him. Sydney’s one bright light, her friend Gina, has decided that they need a bachelorette party and a cruise to Alaska is just the thing.

Oscar Martin was once happy.  He loved photography, he loved travel and he loved mixing the two.  Now he invents, he hasn’t picked up his camera in ten years, and he is engaged to a women who doesn’t want to spend time with him.  When he arranges a cruise trip to Alaska to rekindle their romance before the wedding he is not surprised when he ends up going alone.

Who would have thought that an eclair would bring him face to face with a women who captures his desire and sends sparks of awareness through him.  During the course of the trip Oscar and Sydney, with help of Gina and Leo, spend more and more time together and realise their feelings for each other.  When the trip comes to an end they agree to meet in one month but will they both be there?  Is life just one big coincidence or is it serendipity?



Great summer romance read.  If you are looking for something very light-hearted, no sex, just a great connection between the main characters then you should enjoy this.  The characters are interesting and work well together. Oscar is the hot, Spaniard who is famous but not for what he loves, while Sydney is the girl who has settled for what she believes is the best she will get.  A chance meeting over a pastry has them both re-evaluating their lives and their loves. The twist towards the end is a bit elaborate but we expect a ‘will they/won’t they’ at the end of these books.  Sydney’s dealing with the situation was dramatic and unnecessary but I suppose we all deal with life’s events in our own ways.

I would have liked to have found out what happened between Gina and Leo.  I have looked through the author’s other books but none seem to be about their romance.  Too bad, I think Gina would have made a great main character, out-spoken and exciting.


The Honeymoon, A Wilde Brothers Short – The Wilde Brothers #1.5 by Lorhainne Eckhart

Joe and Margaret have their happy ever after until Joe plans the honeymoon. With two of his brothers around to take care of his son, Joe decides to surprise Margaret with his honeymoon…Camping!  Although Margaret tries to voice her concerns she goes along with Joe’s idea but with disastrous consequences.

Will their marriage be over before it’s begun?  Will Joe ever understand women, especially Margaret?



This is definitely a short novella but I would suggest you read it.  We find out a bit more about Logan and their other brother, Samuel.  I did feel for Margaret but she really should have spoken to Joe before he dragged her off into the wild. I enjoy camping but I like certain comforts as well, I think I would have reacted the same as Margaret.  Poor Joe, again the man can’t win.  Fortunately he has his brother’s close at hand to help him see the error of his ways.

A fun and enjoyable, albeit very short novella.

The One – The Wilde Brothers #1 by Lorhainne Eckhart

Margaret Gordon’s life crashed down in the blink of an eye, or rather the slip of a knife. As a surgeon that one mistake was the end of it all.  Returning to Post Falls, Idaho, with the shame of what had happened left Margaret a recluse on the property her grandfather had left her.

Joe Wilde had never forgiven himself. He dated women but wold never let them close to his heart.  What he needed was a mother for his teenage son. His current girlfriend was fun and would probably do.

Margaret had never fit in her when she was younger. Being known as the social misfit and after an embarrassing episode with a home dye, Joe Wilde had become a name she never wanted to hear again.  So when she found herself face to face with him on her driveway asking her to tame his son’s horse, she didn’t know whether to scream, shout, cry or just run away. One look at his twelve year old son had her heart melting and agreeing to help.

The affection that Margaret starts to feel for the son is only eclipsed by the attraction she has for the father, but when he suddenly announces his news the affect is startling.

Can Margaret control her emotions and continue working with the horse and son, or will their closeness be too much for her to handle?



If you are looking for something light with a little bit of romance, a little bit of jealousy, a little bit of drama and a little bit of loving then this is worth a try.  The story line is predictable but you can feel the emotions of the characters and the struggle that both Joe and Margaret undergo in their pursuit of happiness.  There are a few occasions when I wanted to slap Joe and knock some sense into Margaret, one being at the party…how could Joe let the bimbo go on like that? And why didn’t Margaret just slap her and walk away? The other was Joe’s decision towards the end…Margaret had been telling him to listen to his son and not let a women come between them, right up until the point where he does. Poor guy couldn’t win!

In this book we met one of Joe’s brothers who is the main character of the next book. This is a series of books that focuses on each of the five brothers with a couple of novella’s in between. I will be reading and reviewing the others in time.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Following the journey of Jonathan Harker, a solicitor from London, who embarks on a visit to Castle Dracula to finalise the purchase of a property in London.  During his stay, Harker encounters many strange and unexplainable events and fights for his very existence to escape.

Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray have been best friends for a long time. Mina is engaged to Jonathan Harker, whilst Lucy receives three engagement proposals from three friends, Dr. John Seward, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood, but it is only Arthur who Lucy loves. 

Strange occurrences happen when the two girls are holidaying in Whitby and Lucy seems to descend into a trance and sleepwalk.  Upon returning to London she seems quite well until the sleepwalking begins again.  Dr. Seward enlists the help of his former tutor, Professor Van Helsing.

This story is written from the diary entries and journal notes of Mina Murray, Jonathan Harker, Dr. John Seward and Lucy Westenra.  Put together in near chronological order they explain the peculiar behave and eventual discovery of Count Dracula and Vampires.



Gripping from beginning to end.

I have long since had a fascination with vampires. I’m not ashamed to say that Buffy, The Vampire Slayer was on of my favourite shows.  I have watched many films  around the concept of vampires – Interview with a vampire, Blade,From Dusk til Dawn,Van Helsing, Dracula, and for my sins, Twilight (I know that I shouldn’t judge a book by its film but do not get me started on that one). I am very old school in my thinking of the undead – stake through the heart, sunlight, garlic, no reflection or shadow, turning to bats, controlling the will of the weak. This story encompasses it all. The way it is written brings a certain excitement to an already exciting story.  The thoughts and views of the key characters are produced within their writings and this brings forth a connection to each that would probably not exist if the story was written in a contemporary manner.

Having never read this book before I can honestly say that I wish I had read it years ago, but then I may not have appreciated it as much then as I do now. Definitely a classic within its own right and, in my opinion, a must-read.

Blindfold Fantasy by D.L. Roan

Jayne Simon has led a very safe and boring life, complete with safe, boring sex.  When she wins a  prestigious architectural job her best friend decides that a celebratory weekend in Vegas is in order with ALL the benefits, including living out her wildest fantasy…having blindfold sex with a complete stranger.

Blake Travers left L.A. after the death of his fiancée and hired himself out as an Escort.  The timely arrival of his best friend, Devin, means that he can now cover his double booking with Devin’s help.  Devin has no idea what is in store but one night with Jayne and he is obsessed.

Jayne arrives in L.A. a week after her magical fantasy night to find that her Escort, Blake, is her new project manager. The one problem she has is that he doesn’t recognise her from their night in Vegas.
When Devin Kirk, CEO of SI, returns after a trip to Canada he is astounded to find the girl of his dreams in Blake’s office.

Can a relationship be built on a fantasy? And what happens when both your bosses are attracted to you and propose an unconventional arrangement?


Oh WOW! DeElle has done it again with this fantasy turned reality story. Let’s face it, who hasn’t had the blindfold fantasy or the menage fantasy?

The one thing I like about DeElle’s books are that the male characters are up front from the beginning with what they want from their woman.  They do not hide who they are or what they enjoy and it leads to a more open, happy and honest relationship.  As always though, there is someone who wants to destroy their happiness.

Blake and Devin have a very unique relationship and understand each other.  They need a woman who will understand and accept their needs.  They had it once before but in a slightly different way from how they want their relationship with Jayne. I had so much trouble putting this book down that I only got two hours sleep last night (tired now!)

I know I have not currently reviewed them all but I have read all the books by this author now. If you are open-minded about realtionships and how they work differently for different people then I highly recommend these books.  Plus there is guaranteed hot, steamy sex!

Frail Blood by Jo Robertson

Alma Bentley is being charged with the murder of her lover.  Malachi Rivers is the attorney who has agreed to defend her.  Alma’s main problem is that the year in 1909 and women’s rights are in a dubious position.

When the new partner and Journalist for The Placer Gazette, Emma Knight, starts reporting on the trial, Malachi decides that it would be easier for him to employ her investigative services to help find the truth about what happened the night Joseph Machado lost his life.

Will working together and he attraction they both feel bring them closer together? Or will their pasts and differences of opinions keep them hostile towards each other?



For a women who is fighting for women’s rights, Emma Knight is very closed minded to the issues of the trial and the defense tactic the Malachi is using.  Women can be very stupid in these books sometimes – its like the classic teenage horror flick where the young girl goes upstairs in the creepy mansion with the serial killer on the loose – Emma does this twice (not the creepy mansion but the stupid bit), not learning from her first mistake, just because a man told her not to!

The twist towards the end is interesting and leads to our heroine getting into trouble again, but the build up is a bit slow.

I have not done any research into this era so I have no real idea if the book is historically correct for the time period, but I tend to find it is just easier to take it as a piece of fiction (which it is) and not stress over the little details.

The main let down of this whole story is the ending or lack there of. You may class this as a spoiler so I apologise now, but I like to know, in a romance, if the couple are actually a couple.  I did wonder if there might be a follow-on book based around different characters with cameos from Malachi and Emma but there doesn’t appear to be one. Is it a HEA? I guess the reader gets to decide.



Fifty Shades Freed – Fifty Shades #3 by E.L. James

Christian and Ana finally have everything they never knew they wanted…each other. Newly married, they are enjoying their lives together with all its passion, wealth and love, and living in their own bubble of happiness.  But eventually that bubble will burst and all of Ana’s fears could be unleashed.  Will loving Christian prove too much for her?  Can he ever accept her love unconditionally and feel worthy of it or does he have too many demons in his past?



The final episode in the saga of Christian and Ana is a battle of strength that tests their love for each other.  Mistakes are made along the way by both parties that cause hurt and anguish to the other but with love on their side they will prove to each other that they are worth the fight.

It is a close call between this one and second being my favourite but I think that this one just makes it.  Christian’s ‘bedtime story’ about his past sent chills up my spine and quite frankly I wanted to slap the Troll Bitch as well! Ana’s encounter with Jack was what brought this book to a head for me.  Again there is not much time spent in the red room and the sex scenes, although plentiful, are the standard Kinky-Fuckery we expect from these books.

I really do think that, considering other books that are available, this set gets a bad rep. If you like a lot of dirty fun, a bit of romance, and a whole heap of passion then I recommend this series if you have not already read it.  Please read my previous reviews on the first two books as well.

I loved this whole series and will continue to read it every so often when the urge takes me 🙂