The Billionaire’s Salvation ~ Max – The Billionaire’s Obsession #3 by J.S. Scott

Two years after losing his wife in a tragic swimming accident, Max Hamilton was finally coming to terms with her death, even though her body had never been found.

Finding his long-lost sister, Maddie Reynolds (now Hudson), had helped him start looking to the future, until a day at the park where he sees her…Mia. Her hair is different, and her features are more defined, but it is her, he feels it.  As she turns to flee, the woman stumbles and hits her head, waking briefly to smile at her husband and accuse her brother, Kade, of wearing a horrible shirt before losing consciousness.

Having Mia back in his life is both heart-warming and heart-breaking as Mia has no memory of the last year 2 years.  What happened to her? Why did she leave? Who took her? So many questions unanswered.

But when Mia does get her memory back will she be able to stay with Max knowing what she knows?



Max is a closet Alpha-Male but when he realises that what he needs is to show his wife what she means to him his Alpha tendencies come out full swing. This is a story of each partner trying to be what they think the other one wants without actually talking to each other.  Max is trying desperately to retain his ‘Hamilton’ control when what he really wants is to get dominant and controlling with his wife, but too worried about scaring her. Mia reins in her wild, passionate feelings for her husband for fear that he will reject her but when they both finally release their pent-up emotions…oh Boy!

Max and Mia are the ultimate love story. Love at first sight, married quickly, lost love, reunited and then lost again, never giving up. This book has it all, including a literal cliffhanger!

More appearances from our favourites of previous books, Sam and Maddie, and Simon and Kara.  Also appearances from Kade and Travis (stars of future books).


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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